August 15, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Spilling Tea On Everybody

  1. Playboy cheated with a chick named Gabby? Could it be IG Model Gabby Gavino? Hmmm

    I don’t feel bad for Naomi because she was willing to help children get harmed for a check, and I’m sure A lot of those children let their early demise at the hands of the same people Naomi was helping. Karma is a deadly bitch. Whatever happens is whatever happens.

    So the other Braxton sisters who were trying to follow in Toni footsteps are envious of the one sister who saw the beauty in herself and wanted to be herself. Typical.

    50 Cent at this point is a community meme. Just put your TV Shows out and shut up sir.

  2. Playboy carti dead wrong. Once you question if the child is your and you know, you going to get hell smh. Don’t do iggy like that.

  3. OMG!! This confirmed some tea I was wondering about.

    Back in the day I use to hang out with people in music industry and then I realised government folks had more pull, more money and more discretion. So when I lived in UK, I hung out with Nigerians, lots of government officials, army generals etc. So of course because I was Jamaican/American by way of the Bronx/Miami I was “different”. A few times though I was asked if I came with Naomi or “big model madam”, I asked my friend but she only said that she had heard something like she brings lots of girls for the officials. This was almost 10 years ago.

    And most recently, someone asked if I were apart of her initiative…that they thought they saw me at Enningfuls OBE ceremony gathering (2016) while we were at a another gov’t agency gathering. So like Jamaican say, if it nuh go so, it go something like it. Wow. I really didn’t believe she had anything to do with procuring girls for Nigerians. Just wow.

    1. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Girllllllll, this was straight sugar cane fields. Napmi needs to go to prison too! Disgusting!

  4. I guess Iggy didn’t get that old school memo, “he’ll leave you and baby too.” These chica never learn. And of course Playboi would question the baby. That is what happen when you screw clowns and have these weird open azz “relationships” with them. Nothing about those 2 people screamed love, especially since he constantly ran around on her. Just raise the kid Iggy and move on with life. Find him a new daddy lol.

    Dammit Naomi! With all of this you have allegedly done, you SHOULD be scared!

    We always knew Casey Anthony was going to end up in the gutter. You can’t have a part in killing your own kid and not think that the universe won’t catch up to you. Watch it will only get worse for her.

    Tamar needs help. And she needs to leave Traci alone. Traci bothers no one. But Tamar is so wrapped up in toxicity that she wants to bring that woman down. Misery loves company.

    Poor Wendy. Today when Wendy gave that tired excuse, she didn’t even deny it. And on Thursday and Friday episodes it was clear as day Wendy was high as a kite. I know they said pills, but I figured she was back on coke too. I hope she can get clean.

  5. Snoops wife? I don’t blame her one bit. I’d take that money and let him do HIM. I’d have my own young bf on the side. Snoop looks yucky anyway.

  6. Wow 👀 this was a lot to take in.. but Iggys baby doesnt look like playboyCarti she has a cute baby though.. why they saying the baby look like TI.. Naomi should be ashamed of herself.. and Tamar is very toxic.. if Traci is comfortable in her skin. They shouldn’t give her a hard time.

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