October 6, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Teairra Mari Sex Tape Being Leaked . Who’s Really Responsible?

  1. Well I have no idea who that girl is… poor thing must be desperate for fame and money and still isnt popular 🤦‍♀️

  2. Lawd Mona… I remember admiring her when she was with Violator records back in the day when I wanted to be a great music producer. I used to think she was a good role model. She’s wild for this one because she knows that Teairra probably won’t go any further. This industry is messed up! Glad I didn’t get into it. Smh

  3. This is why we need to stop supporting these shows. Our people are being let into a burning house and pimped our by our own people. It’s sad, but some of our people are becoming the “Judas” of our nation.

      1. I had to stop watching all reality TV.. It just does something to my spirit

  4. I feel bad for her because she is very talented, and for her to go down this road for desperation to stay on a show or to stay relevant in Hollywood is a damn shame. Mona is going to rot in hell using black woman for her financial gain and saying and doing whatever to these black women to act a fool on the show (They not acting a fool for nothing, they are promised something from vh1 & mona). Also her boyfriend or ex whatever he is married if nobody knew that smdh.

  5. I mean Mona didn’t forced her she could’ve just said no and move on to something else. That’s on her.

  6. Are we even surprised at this point? They put that damn video out themselves. She couldn’t even keep a straight face at the press conference over there giggling and shit smh

  7. Can’t blame Mona at all. Girl desperate for short term fame instead of lifetime dignity.

  8. Dude…. wtf is wrong with Teairra Marie? And this is the same thing Mimi did on LHHATL…. and Joseline did the same as well…. just like the other chick on LHHH whose now dating a chick…. pretty much what all of them do to remain relevant…. Kirk and Rasheeda sacrificed their marriage for a fake storyline…. smh

  9. I’m glad joseline matured and said forget this, y’all not about to keep making me look bad. I was rooting for Teairra but she’s so desperate like boo grow up you only 30 your life not over. I knew Mona was a bitch when somya Reece called her a bitch😂

    1. Trust and believe she wants to go back on that show! As soon as they give her another opportunity she’ll be right there with them, lol.

    2. Joseline didn’t mature n forget anything she showed her ass during meetings with Mona n purposely didn’t show up to a reunion show n Mona said I’m done but Joseline still under contract so Mona STILL eating off her ass n she’s not even on the show

  10. Rasheeda and Kirk really taking L’s… they were or appeared to be fine before the show. I just don’t get it!

  11. Please please give us the tea on the royal wedding?? I looove them but with everything I love I’m sire you have some hot tea to spill

  12. Sorry about right.. because her storyline of being a drunk is boring so why not have a leak sex tape

  13. So the headroom posted this morning that Anbar stated it wasn’t him who leaked the tape it was a woman …… damn G you be on it

  14. This whole shit fake because that clown is MARRIED TO A FORMER CO WORKER OF MINE HER NAME IS SADE SHE WAS A WAITRESS AT CLUB ONYX WHERE I WIRK IN ATL HER IG IS @ Folasade n if u scroll down then mfs was just at Disneyworld so I think her dumb ass is in on it too

  15. G I was just on spillthesugar ig and Giselle due for a sacrifice omg on YouTube somebody covered that I saw like a couple months ago but they said that jay z wanted to sacrifice solos son some years ago like you stated and they also said solo was mad Because she wanted jigga to manage her but I thought that was a lie because she has a good career far as I know y’all are good keep it comin’

    1. Brim that was mary40 on YouTube who said that like two years go. He wanted to offer solo son. Giselle wasn’t having that at all. Why can’t be offer his friend out his mother, or his child. That why she bet his ass.

      1. Yeah she did say that but I also just click on anybody pg who talks about the industry and it was a guy too and I can’t think of the channel but they said the same thing g said about solo son being a sacrifice for Jay-Z but I didn’t know they ask Giselle for her son smh

      2. Yeah that’s why she was beating his ass and bey wasn’t doing shit cuz she knew too

  16. People need to stop watching that shit show called LHH. We keep putting money in this woman pocket and everything she is making money on is the worse stereotypes everyone have of black people. It’s a disgrace!!

  17. I knew this was Nina’s doing wat else could Teairra’s storyline be? Lol from what I hear from a former cast member, the some of them get $20,000 & up per episode they’re featured on..but geez to do this Mann idk

  18. Mona don’t make them do nothing, its them who wants to do it for fame. Its not her fault they all are easy to sell out, they just make it easy for her to come up with these ideas.

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