September 29, 2022

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10 thoughts on “The Real Reason Angela Rye Is Defending Charlamange The God

  1. Shut the front door dis tew much got me clutching my pearls already. 🙀 I thought she was different wow. She don’t even look like she would mess with a man like cthagod. I still don’t even think he likes women but hey. So for damage control he used her and she got something out of it. And cthagod was trickin ain’t that sumthin. I do like that he tried to venture off though you are supposed to evolve and branch out into bigger things. I see where he tried to go with that tweet but it was written distasteful. And I believe they were mad cause they said black women have been speaking out on these things. So he was a bit late.

  2. I’m holding.y breath while reading this because I was one of the women who thought Angela Rye was one of us… *Goes on to read part 2* 🍿🍿🍿

  3. Defending him against what though??? If the charges were dropped because his DNA didnt match, what would there be to defend???

  4. Can you do Trinidad James I just saw a video he put out a week ago and wondered what happened even though you tell us but he was good

  5. I’m just wondering about … what day did he get sucked out … of his behind???? Did he have a big Apple 🍎 bottom or something????

  6. I remember when she went on the Brilliant Idiots. Andrew made stupid jokes, like he often does, she appeared to be ok with it. Couple of episodes later Charlamagne and Chris Morrow have an ‘intervention’ with Andrew about his behavior on the podcast, how it’s pissing people off, and Charla says Angela is never coming back to Brilliant Idiots because of Andrew. Next think you know she has a podcast on LSN Network.

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