October 2, 2022

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42 thoughts on “The Truth About Ayesha Curry ‘s Comment On Red Table Talk

  1. Not gonna lie, didn’t think it would come out this soon. I was wondering if people would believe he doesn’t wear a halo.

  2. Ayesha girl your gorgeous if Stephan honors those vowels he will leave those hoe’s in the street alone.
    What God put together let no man tear them apart
    And if he cheats on you lorraina bobett him

      1. Damn right! Ayesha holla at me! I got my papers! One trip to the VA hospital and free meds and more money for me! 😂

  3. Lol I know someone who slept with Stephen when Riley was a toddler. He said he was separated from Ayesha and wasn’t happy being married lmao it’s soooooooo funny how this is coming out cuz I keep thinking about… my friend 😉 who slept with him. Smh like girl Ayesha you know he been cheating. I mean I feel bad but not really. This was way before the girl at the game. He wanted m- my friend to go to his games and everything. Said he would buy her a car and a phone. I know some folks won’t believe me but trust I have noooo reason to lie. 😂😂😂 this is too funny man. Too funny Smfh

      1. Haha how is she trash? He said he was separated from his wife. How does that make her trash? 🧐 he lied but she trash? Lol

      2. What she meant they are still legally married. Unless Steph and Ayesha file separation papers, then that’s different. But he told your friend by a word of mouth. That right there is disrespect on his part. Where your friend mistake was she should have turned his red ass around and go home to his family. That’s where your friend became trashed. Now, how would you feel if you was Ayesha and have a little one at home while your NBA husband was sleeping with your friend? You would have shitted bricks spewed out cement!

    1. You sure this friend is reliable? I have heard from people in the know that he has not cheated on her and has shut women down when it comes to that!

      1. Lol now this was when Riley was like 2 so maybe he changed. But back then? Oh… he smashed. I wish I could say more but people gon argue with me.

        I say “my friend” cuz I don’t want to say who it really is 😂

    2. I BELIEVE you and I’m NOT surprised. Why some are so shocked is crazy to me He is a man not God

    3. I don’t believe you. You keep saying “my friend” then you insinuate that its you. I see what you’re doing there, it’s cute. But anyone can say they fucked a celebrity and run with it. Hell I fucked Drake if you fucked Steph. We both have the same amount of proof, nada. If you’re tryna spill tea for attention you should do it on the blogs that will run with this story, but you’re ‘spilling tea’ here where no one will run with the story. Why though? You got the attention you wanted, can we get back to running stories that are true? Thanks -Management

    4. I don’t see how “your friend” sleeping with a married man can be soOo funny. No matter if they were separated or not. That’s still a married man. And men say anything to get in them panties.

      1. Exactly. The “me and my wife separated” excuse, is as old as prostitution. Hell, it sound like she groupeing backwards if she didn’t get anything out of it.

    5. Sis, i believe you.. you have no reason to lie because i heard bout this chick in the A who he was dealing with.. 😂😂

    6. Sad the number of women against Ayesha. This is why black women dont have power. The jealousy of others constantly prevents unity. And shitting on a married woman just bc shes married? Yall really dont care how far away from morals you turn. Depressing to see.

    7. Your friend is trash bc even though he said he was separated, separated is still legally married. He said separately, not divorced and not only that your friend probably wouldn’t have cared if he was still married anyway bc he has money. Married men saying they’re separated is the biggest line married men use to cheat anyway. She should’ve known that he was lying when he said. If this is true, it makes both of them trash. Also, none of it is funny either bc it involves somebody being hurt.

  4. Wow!! I actually thought he’d be like A.C. Green &/or Grant Hill

    You’d think the Christian upbringing & his father being in the NBA he would be more disciplined

    What’s funny was Ayesha wasn’t even into him for the longest, & now that she is, he’s allegedly out here cheating.SMH

    If he is cheating, it just seems as though he’s begging discreet

    Although Kay & Draymond have all kinds of groupies so I’m not surprised, except in Klay’s case he really isn’t committed to anyone

    I could never be with an athlete or anyone famous. They ALL seem to take advantage of the women throwing themselves at them

    They all honestly should just be like Jeter. Date a bunch of famous women, have some groupies, send them home with gift baskets when you’re done with them & then once retired, marry someone & then have kids

  5. Poor baby if you feel uncomfortable about your body after 3 kids, get a trainer 🤷🏽‍♀️ Love yourself and get rid of negative thoughts! Spice things up with your man bc he WILL have groupies forever it comes with the stardom honey boo boo head

  6. Well I’m rooting for them. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Relationships are hard without the fame, without money, without children. I can’t imagine the pressure she feels to conform to keep her husbands eye. I didn’t think it was wrong for her to say that I do feel Steph needed to here it and needed to have others (the internet) discuss his wife.

  7. Hollyweird is getting to this woman. She needs to step back, take a trip with REAL friends, and readjust. Maybe Steph is cheating ,May be he isn’t, but whatever the case Ayesha needs to toughen up. What is the point of bragging about the faith you have if you don’t put it to use? You better walk in what you claim sis, especially with the devils you are around.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with what Ayesha said, she was honest and I think she put to words the insecurity that a lot of women (& any woman in her shoes ie married to famous men) are thinking and feeling.
    I also think that Steph,no matter how friendly he is, should shut the groupies down or let them know there needs to be boundaries (& they can’t be disrespecting his wife) instead of behaving in a way that makes the groupies think it’s ok to be doing what they do even with Ayesha around! Steph shouldn’t let her battle the groupies by herself and this is probably something they should’ve discussed as a couple.
    End of the day I think Steph-like most famous athletes cheats/has cheated/is cheating and Ayesha girl..the men are looking, you’re not seeing it cause you’re not actively looking for it..Steph shouldn’t make the mistake of fucking over a good woman cause good women are rare these days!

    I wonder tho if this is a sign of things to come for their relationship 👀

  9. Why tf would Olivia even have his has number? I see why WAGS have a hierarchy. I do not believe Steph cheated on Ayesha, but if she keeps insinuating, it’s bound to happen.

  10. I get where she is coming from. Glad she said it and I saw Steph supported her, hopefully it will change his ways somewhat. I will say my husband is like this, he so friendly and talkative and I’m the opposite. So it would bother me when he would tell me about the women at his job or just seeing him run his mouth to everyone. It’s been 20 years but I came to the realization that it’s his personality, as long as I’m not disrespected. I’m good.

    Now I did put it to the test, I became super friendly when we went out, to men and women. I told him about the different men on the job and let’s just say his demeanor wasn’t quite the same. Once I went out of town for work for 3 days and he called and texted non-stop and when I got back he was all over me. So I realized that he can dish his “super friendliness” but can’t take it. LOL! He kind of toned it down after that trip but he will have his moments and I be looking straight face the whole time. lol. I’m too moody for all that talking and laughing with people LOL!!

    1. Like myself & my husband lol. He’s the extrovert talkatoo, gets on my nerves sometimes! I’m the introvert talkwhenimreadytoo 🙂

  11. Nothing wrong with what she said, and whoever said she has low self esteem is crazy. She is handling this all very well. She said s a smart girl with self love.

  12. Wasn’t it last year she was talking down to women who need attention from men? Diminishing their need for attention because her “goods are for her husband.” I get how she must feel in such a difficult situation. But she was so self righteous and condescending when she was asked to clarify, it’s hard to feel bad for her. The hypocrisy is duly noted though.

  13. Lol this took an interesting turn. Where the receipts at for your “friend” ?🙄 moving on ..
    Look I think Ayesha has every right to be able to express herself freely and I commend her for being able to do so. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to know your husband has that much female attention. It would bother the fuck out of me.
    However, I feel like that was a convo for her to have with Stephen who clearly like G said is not doing a great job at shutting these women down. He should not be having his wife feel like she has to “insert” herself into convos so women get the hint. He should be like kick rocks bitch my wife is two feet from us , but that’s my personal opinion on it.
    I truly hope they are able to make it work without infidelities or any bullshit.

  14. I see nothing wrong with what Ayesha said. She’s human and the way she feels, all mothers and wives have felt this way. A lot of married women like to see if they still have it even if they’re in love with their husband. Most women feel a sense of insecurity after they have children especially after 3 children. It’s perfectly normal. I just wish people would leave her alone. She never stated she was perfect. I believe that was the point of doing the interview so people wouldn’t think she was perfect to see a more vulnerable side of her. It’s people in the industry that try to keep up the image of being perfect and are dying on the inside. Instead, she chose to speak out and besides all of the naysayers, there’s no telling how many people she helped with this interview.

  15. Ms Curry is a regarded as a preacher’s daughter type.
    Ms Smith is a long rumored sex guru type.

    It seems like Ms.Curry was announcing to Ms Smith that she was intrigued by that type of secret polygamy life that Ms Smith is rumored for having IDK.

    ALLEGEDLY Mr Curry had a Rose on the side but it was one from Philly. Basically Rose was recommended to him by the squad because of her grocery eating skills and he bought her all type of gifts. Ms Curry tried to clap at Slutwalk and Rose told her WTF he doesn’t want you to do what I do for him so step your freak game up or GTFO my face.

    So maybe Ms Curry realizes that even with body enhancements she still can’t reverse cowgirl and fetish and gag like the #1 thots do — so she ask Ms Smith for tips? But why engage in that conversation on national airwaves? It’s funny because now he might win the 3xpeat and it seems the apparel company placed an embargo on Ms Curry so she wont screw up the endorsement bag his new sneakers coming out this spring IDK. Mr Green kicked his wife out and moved the side piece in so anything is possible with these guys stay tuned ALLEGEDLY IDK.

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