October 4, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Kylie Jenner How She is Satisfying The Elites

  1. I guess selling their souls is all worth getting bend over dig in and out and treated like a piece of shit they will come her and, she will appear different once they get finished digging her in she going to have to submit to her lord and savior Satan it’s a, damn shame poor baby girl don’t even know she’s surrounded by witches and warlocks keep the most high heavenly father Yah elohim first stay prayed up y’all.

  2. I just saw Kim’s post of her birthday with her fam. Seems Kylie might be the only one not present? Unless I haven’t seen all the pics. I was just curious if this had something to do with it?

  3. She can try and avoid it as much as she wants. But just like everybody else she will have to pay the devil his dues for all that stuff. You can run Kylie, but you can’t hide.

  4. I’m at loss on how she paying by doing a sex beta kitten promo ad for her new Kylie cosmetics line?? Somebody help me understand how this promo ad was a payment…. for anything that the elites would be remotely interested in?….. help me understand, please. ❣️

    1. It’s not about her cosmetic line or any of that, it’s about her audience. Kylie attracts a young audience. The elites go after young people because they are easier to control. The more people she attracts, the more control they have.

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