September 29, 2022

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15 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Pusha T and Drake Beef

  1. Lets not forget in 2015 On crutches, crosses, caskets where Pusha said ” You pop niggas thought i’d let it fly…old niggas slapping young niggas/ imagine that, where you from nigga ?!” In reference to when Diddy hemmed Drake up.

  2. I’m a big Drake fan but base on these words “
    We gon’ take this slow
    We just gon’ peel it back layer-by-layer”
    Drake shouldn’t response cause Pusha already got all his shit/dirt line up with probably with proof WAITING, if drake don’t got nothing deadly on Pusha T .. mek him tek the win.

  3. Is this the same dude that was rapping on Justin Timberlake’s Like I love you, but dissing “pop niggas” sit down.

  4. What did pusha say that drake hasn’t already addressed in his music .. from his dad, to his mom, to his allegedly baby Mama?? What bombs were dropped? What did he say that most people didn’t already know???

  5. I still don’t see what Drake said to receive such a image wrecking slaughter on a 3 min song

    1. The thing is Unless Drake fucked Virginia Williams lol Im not sure Pusha has dirt unless its something ery old who knows unless drake got a video of his asshole getting popped lmao

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