October 4, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/21/20

    1. I want Heaven Hollywood to do a youtube live on this. A rundown on who is replacing who. Megan is replacing? Dababy is replacing? Normani is replacing? Chloe from ChloexHalle is replacing? etc.

      1. That would be a great segment. I would also like to know how the industry decides who’s gonna replace who. While saweetie does not have the IT factor, I will not question Heaven’s sugar. Besides jay is still mad at rih so I’m sure he’s spearheading this. Roc nation needs a new roster of artists so it makes sense.

        Harry styles and lizzo is LAME AS HELL!!!

  1. I thought Harry was gay. Saweetie is pretty but cant rap so they probably gone have writers for her. Draya I don’t blame sis at all cause Nas is fine and don’t age at all.

  2. Saweetie is corny as hell, she does not have the swag and demeanor like Rihanna has. She will be seen more as a fashion girl, rather than music.

  3. No I like big Sean
    Swaelie must be getting golden showers
    Well duh Vanessa get back with zack
    Oh Lauren you’re a dirty hoe nipsey broke up with you blah blah you wanna be with booty licking diddy then do u

  4. Nah, Saweetie? I cant see it. She doesnt have that “star power”. All I get from her is if model/rapper baby mama

    Lauren….its not a crime to have sex again after you lose the man you were with. Stop with the Martyr act. I dunno why, but its seemed fake to me from day one. I just have never believed theirs was this fairy tale love that she is making it out to be.

  5. Lauren on IG cappingggg 😂😂😂 all my comments got deleted yet again and i didn’t even say anything crazy lol it’s like if u ain’t commenting in agreement.. it’s gone

    1. Damn lol. I’m surprised she even said anything about this she’s usually lowkey or whatever. To me it looks like a hit dog hollering loudly lol

  6. I’m guessing Harry styles is supposed to be the new mick Jagger? And one direction replaced The Rolling Stones? If Harry about to be seen with black women it makes sense considering mick love black women too..

    Rih want Hassan back I truly believe. ASAP ain’t filling the shoes and drake been messed up so…

    Saweetie replacing Rih in 3 years…well Rih will be 35 in 3 years, which is the deactivation age for women so the numbers add up. Saweetie rapping is okay, but let’s see if they get her singing whether she’s good or not. I mean rih herself is an okay singer but still makes hits. Rih probably want to be deactivated music wise right now so she can be focused on her fenty empire lol

  7. Saweetie better not even try to fill those shoes. She’s a beautiful girl and very fashionable like Riri, but she doesn’t have the musicality that Riri had – then again, I guess that’s what ghostwriters and producers are for. Do yo thang Saweetie. LOL

  8. Saweetie to replace Rhianna? The PR team has a lot of work to do. She is a cute girl but a bore 😔.

    Poor RiRi. I hope she had a good Birthday despite her man drama. But something tells me that we are going to see Drake back in the revolving door of her past exes…smh.

    Lauren AND Diddy please save it. Nobody believes either of you.


    Years from now rhianna will be legendary status she already damn near there 🥰🥰

    (Sorry i Stan for RHI RHI😂😂)…..

  10. I’m sorry but I’m really not. Saweetie replacing Rhianna? Damn is that the best they could do?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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