October 6, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Tuesday Hot Takes

  1. So not only did they both sleep with the same man, but they were both pregnant by him too? Oh hell nahh

  2. 😟😧😦😬🤭😖 So does ursh really have herpes or is that an embarrassing ritual??? Cuz uh… yea.. 😩

  3. Amara spilled her own tea when she said on the breakfast club that you have to be educated on ppl that are infected with STD’s & the ways to protect yourself. WTF?

    Did Alex confirm the allegations?

    I wished they left Britney alone. She’s truly a sweetheart & just wants to be happy with someone & raise her boys & everyone around her is money hungry

    Was it true Britney’s dad wanted Sam to be apart of the conservativeship I.e. a similar arrangement as her ex Jason Tarwick & Sam said no so they broke up?

    I don’t understand why Britney either can be free from this now or why her dad didn’t appoint another attorney for the one that’s retiring? I thought he wasn’t in the best health now anyways

    I hate that all of the Aaliyah stuff too is coming back to the forefront & I’m also skeptical of the ppl all of a sudden willing to tell it all now that R.Kelly’s money isn’t what it used to be to pay for everyone’s silence anymore

    I’m also pissed since the ratings flop of the MJ Fraudumentary all these ppl want to remove MJ’s music from their organizations when he’s been innocent, investigated by the FBI for 10+ years & still was found innocent yet accusers who have a history of lying & looking for money can make slanderous accusations about a black celebrity & ppl eat it up. I can’t wait for those pushing that agenda to have karma get ahold of them

  4. Wow the Mama ain’t shit….didn’t protect baby girl from the industry and slept with her daughter rapist and got pregnant this bitch 😬. G what was that convo like with Jlo & Alex 🤔 I’m noisy lol. Hold up my man usher with fake eyes, fake fro love and hip hop chick I thought that was a hit it and on to the next situation…whew chileeee

  5. Ewwww to all the STDS! WTH! If you can fly around the world, you can afford some Trojans 😷😷😷!

    JLO would be dumb dumb NOT to question Alex. With all this smoke, I know she gotta be gasping/gagging for answers.

    Usher and Amara… Really? Get you some Trojans hun. Don’t be apart of the 80% 😷😷.

    Ronnie needs to stop. Sammie no longer wants his temperamental crazy azz.

    Jordy don’t do it sis. Stay Away from those people ✌✌✌.

    Robert, Robert, Robert *DEEP sighs*. This R. Kelly situation is so twisted and sick, you don’t know which way to turn. The part about the mom seems more like the reason she wants to NOT speak out than the Aaliyah part. Mama, don’t want people to know she was getting that peen too.

  6. I honestly feel like as far as Jordyn goes then her and Kylie are more like sisters and they should patch things up. I don’t think that these so-called bios sisters of hers should be able to step in the center of that because they don’t really care about that girl that way. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, they really only got information with Kylie when she became the popular girl. Then Kim wanted to take credit for something she was and say she passed the torch to her and this that and the third. But Jordan seems to be more of a sister to her than her own sisters. And I know a little something about that.

    The first thing I thought about when I saw that Sammy was engaged was how Ronnie feels about it. Their relationship was so tumultuous on Jersey Shore. One minute I was rooting for them, the next minute I just wanted them away from each other. But I figured that he was still away. Because honestly, I think Sammy was probably the love of his life.

    A guy that I follow on YouTube did a whole piece on George Foreman’s daughter. And he laid out in numbers how she was a sacrifice.

    1. I think for Kylie, she seemed to be the ignored or “uncool” sister amongst the group of siblings, with Rob Jr .being the only boy in the house and Kim/Khloe/Kourt being the sisters in the spotlight.

      So I think Jordyn accepted Kylie and made her feel more important than her siblings did, and Kylie also accepted Jordyn because Jordyn was overweight when they were younger. So I think their relationship was probably a mutual one where both felt the love that they might’ve not received by their peers (Jordyn) or siblings (Kylie).

      Idk that 100%, but I feel like that might be close to what their dynamic is as friends.

      Ronnie needs to let Sammi go. They were one of the most annoying and toxic couples I’ve EVER witnessed. They both made mistakes, screwed up and were just about equally bad to each other, but I don’t ever want them together after Sam punched Ron in the face that one time and Ron destroyed all of Sammi’s stuff (I think in the same season).

      Sammi is happy now and that’s all that matters, but I always found it funny that Sam played Mike and left him for Ron in season 1, when Ronnie cheated on her and was very emotionally abusive, while Mike has remained one of the most loyal cast members when it comes to being faithful to his Fiance.

  7. Wait a min. I thought Ronnie and Sammi were broken up a long time ago,.. I mean he has a whole baby and I believe another on the way. Why is he still worked up about her? I hope she doesn’t respond because he is an extreme hothead that needs help

    i really wish they would leave Britney alone. Why can’t she take control of her own Finances again?

    1. In the first season of the new Jersey Shore series without Sammi, Ronnie admitted (while his Baby Mother was pregnant with his Child) that he was still in love with Sammi when the cast asked him.

      He would then talk about how much he “loved” his Baby Mother before and after admitting that he was still in love with Sammi.

      Honestly, Ronnie is a mess, and according to his BM, he uses coke too, which is a bad combination with his natural aggression. He lowkey needs to work on his personal demons before he will be good for any Woman.

      1. But his baby momma is no better either. If you see and know he is using coke on top of his natural aggressive behavior, why would you even bore his child? that man is so disrespectful and crazy. I agree, he really needs to handle his personal demons

  8. Hearing the stories about Aaliyah’s Mom just makes me think about Skai Jackson’s Mom and how she will pimp her Daughter out to older Men and also have sex with those Men herself.

    The fact that these are Black Parents doing this is even more disappointing.

  9. Well damn near all hollyevil have a STD, that’s so nasty but now it explains why they don’t speak out about it because they infected too ewe😒😯😏

  10. #5 is fact and out of all Aaliyah stories that I knew of G was the first time I EVER heard someone report that fact.

  11. You can’t “had herpes” that shit is forever. Whether it’s herpes simplex 1 (cold sores) or herpes simplex 2 (genital sores). It’s FOREVER. Idc if u have an outbreak once every 7 years. Virus still lives in ya body.

    1. Not unless there’s a cure that rich people have access to. That’s what we don’t know. Ain’t no way… I’d be dating him.

  12. I knew George Foreman’s daughter was a ritual from her age. 42 (4+2=6) These people make it known when they perform a hit, I Thank God I am able to see it for myself now.

  13. Amara is so beautiful. Too bad she won’t make it superstar status like her Love and Hip Hop alum Cardi because of colorism, but she’s talented.

    1. Idk if its colorism. I think it’s about if people truly connect to her or not… And I’m not sold 🤷🏽‍♀️

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