September 30, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/27/2020 Updated

  1. Hilarious it had to take some Boston groupies for Khloe to finally move on

    The navy is over this relationship w/Rocky will reconvene when this is over bc it WILL end. I just hope ASAP doesn’t take Riri’s money

    That Larsa & Bronny thing is disgusting & disturbing on so many levels

    1. Why does the navy want rih to go through yet another heartbreak? The woman is 32 years old and wants a family and y’all so stuck on your own personal desires that you would rather see her heartbroken then just be happy for her. Probably somewhere burying chicken bones praying over them calling on Satan himself to break up the relationship. Fake Man smh

    2. Oh yeah and ASAP can only “take her money” if they get married without a prenup and he tries to go after it…now if y’all think that less of rih to where she wouldn’t protect her money and assets in the event of a divorce *if they were to even get married* then that’s insulting.

  2. I hope Rih & ASAP start posting each other some more too. As a matter of fact I hope rih comes online and tells her fans to STFU and stay in their place cause they really Wildin out, but that’s how her fandom has always been.

    Most people would look at the bigger picture and say hmm she doesn’t bring men back home to Barbados unless she serious but they too busy wishing for her to either go through another heartbreak or to be a single mom just so they can get the satisfaction of saying “ see we told you ASAP was no good”. I’m glad they don’t care and that rih ain’t weak minded and let’s her fans dictate her life like some other women we could name 👀

  3. So playboy carti is not really sleeping with the groupie that Iggy was going off about. The side chick is really a secret side dick? Lol not surprised because he looks zesty ass hell.

  4. So Cardi on some Miss Cleo scam type ish? lol tragic ppl will really pay for that too.
    Angel Brinks must be trying to get back on LHH idk she don’t wanna be quiet and rich 🥲

  5. Good for Rihanna and Asap I’m happy for them. I love Nicki Minaj and Foxy. But her nicki mad about nas and Foxy sleeping together. She has a whole hubba and baby. Everybody know Nas and Foxy history since the 90,s. Nas and Foxy not with each other now. Nicki have to stop getting in her feeling about stupid things. I hope in the future they can come back together and be cool again.

  6. Now that their show is ending, Khloe doesn’t need a storyline with Tristan. Cardi can collect the $30 million but how much of that $30million does she get after she pays out the settlement and her 360s?

  7. Are we sure Khloe is gonna take that 🤡 mask off in 2021? Seeing believing with this one.

    I knew there had to be more to that Larsa/Bronny situation. When the truth comes out about LeBron(because it will) people are gonna be sick. Plus LeBron is a idiot. Why use your teenage son’s account to mess with older chics. You know people are watching that boy. Plus when it gets this messy Savanna is going to step in. LeBron is bringing attention to himself.

    Iggy i was less than smart having a baby by that man from jump. But she needs to move on because her fighting over a man who wants another man is a major L.

    Rhianna is no exception for having this Asap relationship dragged through the mud lol. People went on & on about who Nicki decided to marry and why it was a stupid idea. Beyonce gets dragged all the time for staying with a cheater. And the list goes on. So I say it is fair game lol. It is what it is. Like I have been saying we are just going to sit back and watch how this goes lol.

    1. I can’t believe ppl are making excuses for ASAP honestly & Riri’s choices in men. The man literally was just found guilty & in jail last year for assault, has made numerous colorist comments, is anti-BLM while Riri is all about social justice & Rih decides to make him the male face of Fenty Skin?

      How are you seriously dating someone who said black women can’t wear lipstick & you own a nearly multi-billion dollar make up brand?

      What does ASAP have to offer Riri compared to the experiences she’s had in the past?

      Riri isn’t above criticism in this & she needs to address these matters bc it’s not going to die down. The way Jay-Z intervened on the Chris Brown situation I won’t be surprised if something similar down the line happens w/ASAP.

      If ASAP is a threat to ppl boycotting Fenty Beauty & Savage Fenty bc Riri is ruining her brand & being a hypocrite by making this ASAP Rocky thing more public, I expect a sit down w/Riri sooner or later as he has a $50million dollar investment in Savage Fenty & stock in Fenty Beauty & no matter how shady & trifling of a cheating husband he is, he is about his money & image 1st & foremost so we will see how this unfolds

      1. @Reece8507

        Welp, if we are going to be honest, excuses are usually made for all these dudes from one side of the fence. So I wouldn’t expect much less for Asap. So the excuses are fair game too. It is the nature of the beast 🤷.

        Yeah Asap has done a lot. But, IMO, the bigger picture is that this entire thing isn’t new for these 2. Asap and Rhianna have a lengthy history and have tried dating before and it didn’t pan out. My thing has always been why double back. And we ALL know that she does this with key dudes, who allow It. It doesn’t matter who the guy is, if you tried and it fail move forward.

        I knew that Hassan wasn’t going to work. The cultural differences were too great. But it was nice to see Rhianna with someone NEW. Thought it would help jumped start a new direction in meeting NEW and different men 🤷.

        This definitely a relationship. No doubts about it. But I say it is a rebound relationship. Asap the good friend comes through to help heal the broken heart. And the thing about a rebound relationship is they are AMAZING(plans for a future &etc), until they are not. You just have to see how it plays out. But whatever the consequences (good or bad Rhianna faces that’s on her🤷.

      2. I agree with you 💯 I don’t understand why some people are supporting this relationship. I get it we all want Rih happy but at what cost. Asap is TRASH. If folks are really pissed they need to not support the Fenty Brand. And he is not new to her. Rihanna has been fucking Asap for years it’s just out In the open now. I think she was even messing with him 2018. She was spotted around him a few times when it was reported her and Hassan broke up, and that was in 2018.

      3. Yup!! This is the comment right here!! Rih can be with whoever she wants but the people haven’t forgotten ASAP and his comments about Black women or that assault case. To me it seems like she’s settling for him, but I could be wrong.

  8. The LeBron thing doesn’t make any sense.

    I mean he’s used alias accounts before or had one of his boys be the middle men for his mistresses, why would he use his son’s who just went viral a few months ago for posting himself smoking weed on live?

  9. Man, Larsa is gonna keep going until she messes with the wrong black ballers wife. She’s gonna catch that one…Savannah might be one, I don’t know..that’s been down with her man since high school and is not some ig model. That’s gonna be the one that’s gonna rock Larsa’s old ass to sleep one good time and follow it up with a 2 piece.

  10. More tea on Nas and Foxy fucking? I got the vibes that they had back in the day, so are yall saying they just started doing so?

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