July 1, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/29/2021

  1. @G did the elites put all these charges on r Kelly because he wanted his masters even though some of the charges are real

      1. exactly r kelly deserves everything he gets, i hope he does take his silly existence, all the girls traumatised I don’t feel for that predator.

        Beyonce is also a liar, she knew the history. How do you wear something no one ever has and don’t know the history?, her fans are dumb to defend her, she thought she would be praised and got a rude awakening OR maybe did it for publicity for her album.

  2. Angela Stanton wanted to be a part of the trumptards so bad. She’s always tearing down the black community, well black men, with her words. The way she treated her trans-daughter on Dr. Phil was the worst. Looks like karma may be on the way.

  3. Wow so is this the same Angela Stanton who wrote the book about Phaedra from RHOA and the criminal stuff they did??

  4. I don’t get why Jada stays taking Lil Baby backm. She’s young, popular, rich and beautiful. She does not need that man in her life embarrassing her.

    Beyonce just irks my soul. She wants to seem like she’s so woke yet she thought this Tiffany move was it? She should have known better, or at least her team should have. She needs to stay on top of it if she’s that desperate to remain relevant.

    1. Lil baby may have invested into her waydamin merch that she says coming. That’s the only thing i can think of. From looking at the relationship what baby says goes. I doubt if jayda will ever be seen sneaking around or with somebody else at least not right now. Baby knows them dudes will be ready to snatch her up. He’s willing her in.

  5. R. Kelly doesn’t even own his catalog so how was he trying to sell it? That’s REALLY why he’s in this mess in the first place 🤷🏾‍♀️

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