September 26, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Hot Takes – 7/12/19

      1. 15 years ain’t enough tf I feel like the industry protected him all this time. They all knew what he be doing they just ain’t wanna say nothing they all evil

      2. And shit they ALL have dibbled and dabbled wit them young girls Rkelly ain’t the only one and that’s y the industry has always protected him cause they all got a little fetish for them lil young gals

    1. Im not… every cele who child comes out full famously….. the ass was undercover gay……
      magic =ej
      isacc thomas both his sons gay. ?. One of them was rape by a man

      Alway watch the kids…. if they come out FULL FAMOUS….they parents was under cover….

  1. Let’s be real Cardi only did it for publicity she is trying to get the black community on her side. Plus she knows damn well why people don’t support them and it’s because of a rapper like her. She is literally being handed awards she doesn’t even Deserve oh and if the industry wanted them to be poppin they would be. Shit I would rather not sell out just for money and fame that ain’t even going to last long

    G is Miley under MK?

    1. Lacylove you right she only said that to make herself look good. A lot of woke black women said the same thing you just said. She will make close to 10mil this summer. How she have not even went on a tour this year. No other female rapper can make money because the music industry giving her all the support. She making all the money this year because thats how the powers that be set it up for her only. They other female rappers have to kiss her ass and hope cardi will work with them on a song. Or ask them to open her first tour. They can only hope she will work with them. She don’t have to but we will see. I know G said in June that cardi and Nicki was going to talk about going on tour together. I was against this at first. But this will be good if they can do this and have some of the new female rappers to open up the tour for them. That will be great for the new rappers right now. This will be a good look for cardi and Nicki names still have power. Every time she say something people listen rather they like her or not. Her fan base is still growing. Cardi and Nicki really need to do this for the women in hip hop, even if it’s fake happy or love. If Nas and Jay.z can stand by each other and share the stage together. Why can’t women do the same. Fox bown. Things got to change.

  2. Miley Cyrus is marry. Why I just find this out. R.kelly his done this time. I hope that everybody how was helping r.kelly hide this for years be expose too. Everybody and the mothers and father’s who send their girls to his house should be held responsible for put these girls in his care.

  3. I’m not shocked at this DWade/G Union sugar. They seem so zesty together. I’m just happy it’s not my life

  4. 1. Don’t feel sorry for R. Kelly.

    2. Doesnt matter who is right. All these female rappers from Megan the Stallion to Saweetie to Cardi B and Nicki, are mad trashy and dont have anything to offer other than their bodies. They are singing/rappers strippers/prostitutes that belong on the streetcorner. Their record labels are the pimp and they are the ho’s. Now make that money, trick.

    3. Feel sorry for Megan Fox.

    4. Miley is another singing stripper/prostitute.

    5. How do you know Kylie will be pregnant again this year?

    6. I hope Lala’s fake ass gets exposed.

    7. Not surprised about D Wade and Gabby. He and Dwight Howard are starting to looking real feminine looking and acting. How you doing?

  5. J.J. Watt 🙀 he’s not dating that soccer player anymore? And I knew D. Wade was bi, Gabby said in an interview he likes his salad tossed.

  6. Eminem daughter is VERY beautiful I been seeing her pop up ALOT lately last couple years so IM CURIOUS TO KNOW WHAT THIS NEWS WILL BE 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 can a sista get a HINT G????? 😂😂😂😂 I wanna know if it’s GOOD or BAD……

  7. Imma keep it a BUCK 50…..

    idk whyyyyyyy my spirit just…. wont accept all the allegations against R KELLY… Smh like, I know he AINT innocent but I still feel a lot of it is FABRICATED.

    I just don’t know if it’s cause THEY CONVINCED US TO THE CORE that MICHEAL was molesting lil boys…. only different is that there was NO FOOTAGE I know, but even in that video with R KELLY from forever again it was still speculation that it wasn’t him…. idk why I’m so on the fence and still have pity for him idk 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️😔😔😔😔

    1. IslandGyal I am right there with you on this one. I was a little child growing up when they came up with these allegations. Why wasn’t he charge then. R. Kelly has been receiving awards before my mom and dad even knew each other making hits. Why only now that his money is running out it’s surving R. Kelly I’m in the same boat as you. I watched his ex wife on an interview telling people buy his tickets it pay her bill and keep money in her pocket. Why is she in tears now on a documentary that I will not watch. People believe any and everything they read in the media and that’s what’s killing us slowly but surely.

    2. I wont accept all they saying about him either cause we all kno he wasn’t the only one doing that shit! The dam girl said on the show that he had his ppl having sex with them and also giving them head so wtf how u gne just put every dam thing on him smh all them rappers/singers BEEN having sex with underage girls!!

  8. I been telling people…. If Lala wasn’t tripping like we all expected her to, after all this cheating n shit… it’s cause SHE HAD HER OWN SHIT GOING ON….. trust me I KNOW I’m all too familiar 😂😂😂😂🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  9. Oh n Dwayne n Gab……

    I’m not against gay people at all in fact I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I know MANY gay men and a few lesbian women and my blood brother is 100% gay….. so I actually defend and support the LBGT community 10 toes down BUT……

    I do NOT Support them supporting the kid about his preferred sexuality at all. He is NOT old enough to know or decide was his preference is. At that age I call it as “possibly going thru a phase” and I don’t think it’s cool or okay for them to be so OPEN to supporting him in such a big thing like GAY PRIDE which is an ADULT event cause I’m sure there were things there that at that age NO CHILD SHOULD SEE.

    So basically when I seen them supporting it it REALLY RUBBED ME THE WRONG WAY and made me a big upset and SAD and UNCOMFORTABLE 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

    1. Rite i feel The same way like y’all just let him twist n shit..that shit ain’t even cute he’s to dam young for all that smh i feel sorry for them kids born in the industry cause it’s a wrap for them smh

  10. Florijana ismaili??? Yes i know her …she is a albanian girl who plays for switzerland… omg that makes me so sad :((

  11. No surprise about Wade/Gabby. I mean look at who their close friends are. Who knows what goes on at those banana boat trips

  12. Robert has 10+ counts state and federal FROM THE SAME ENCOUNTERS with these same young women. My question is are they going to use Robert sentencing as a guideline for the mega moguls, or give him the same deal they give these wyte men? Its like Robert defense is to hurry up and get his process started so his accusers can be thoroughly investigated while we wait for trial. Cant do fake documentaries and yacht when you are involved in a fed case IDK.

    JD is adamant about always letting ppl know he can write and produce for all age groups male female artist all personality types — but he cant do his magic for these female rappers because they are too shallow and their street cred isnt all what its marketed to be so he cant do reality records for them or makeup fantasy songs either? Basically JD know all the scams so cut him in on the 360 revenue or gtfo LOL.

    Its was said Spin was just the face and there was a real ghost dj cutting and scratching so why pay her IDK but is there any real female DJs who really get busy? — G told us that DJ is the new code for yachting so they treating Spin like she is Khaled now LOL!

    Its like BAG is stuck with Fox and not the other way around what does a handler do when his artist wont let HIM go IDK but that is kinda strange.

    As far as athletes IDK do they get their rocks off in a group setting rather than one on one? Like they get used to ppl always doing basic tasks for them their whole life so now they dont even know how deal with individual partners SMH.

    G told us Cardigan would make $10m — she didnt say how or in what country she would make that money though LOL!

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