October 3, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes: Drake / Rihanna / Megan & Cardi / Wayne / Cardi and Only Fans

  1. I saw the post about drake’s alleged features on the album but it came from a Rihanna fan page who was really only focused on the drake and rih part judging by the rest of the post. Only two that made sense was Ariana cause those rumors been swirling for a few months now, and Wayne because they spoke about music on Wayne’s podcast. DaBaby just doesn’t fit, I mean him over lil baby who’s way more poppin? And I think the rih rumor popped up cause rih said she’s always working on music and when she said something may be coming sooner than we think people started speculating. Considering drake’s Barbados trip and of course relationship stans…sure they gonna pair them up on music. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Drake probably trying to adjust the lyrics so people don’t think he shading Nicki.

    Rumors are circulating that a bunch of female rappers is gonna be in the music video. We all know which one is gonna be excluded. Poor thing can’t even be pregnant in peace.

  2. I see ri changed her mind about doing music with drake again. Glad they could make up. Can’t wait to hear it.

  3. I don’t know about Rhi and Drake making music together just yet. I get that they are moving forward in a peaceful manner, but I right now I think may still be a little awkward. I think that they are in a cordial place, but not a GOOD space for a collab. I just don’t see any kinda of business dealings just yet 🤷. But hey anything is possible. Just got to wait and see.

    1. I don’t think she’s focused on music at all lol I think she gives the responses that satisfies the fans and then goes back to focusing on fenty which ain’t a bad thing idk why some fans get so upset that she’s building outside the industry. They must not know how cut throat it could be toward its artists after a certain point. Rih doin it right, getting out early. We want SOLO music first before we want a collab with anybody. True tea!

  4. Drake got a new album every month I stopped keeping up with him after views album. I just don’t care for him anymore he’s a lame, but idk if I’m here for him and rih either let the past be the past. People hate letting go these fans need a life. I would like a drake and Kanye/Nicki song before him and Rihanna.

  5. Drake is Drake…. When he releases music it’s… whatever, but you can’t deny his talent, and that mixtape he released earlier this year wasn’t it either.

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