August 15, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Raw Part 3 Nipsey Hussle and Who? Rihanna and who?

  1. I wasnt ready for the Kelly Price tea! Lost all that weight for R. Kelly lmao

    Damn! Karen Civil must be like the angel of death. She was close to mac Miller and nipsey and now both of them are dead

  2. I’m smh at rih and laughing that girl is something else lol

    But i went on karen civil pg and that post she posted saying when you lose loved ones etc…I’m like yeah her and nip was definitely morethan what we knew.

    1. I’m not going to lie rkelly and a Beyoncé song during the early 2000’s would have been good for the both of them that’s when she was eager and just becoming her own.

  3. My tea spilledt over !
    Rih and Omarion 👀 wahhhh … Kim porter and Kelly wahhhh… lady Gaga and Kelly … Nicole from the pussycat dolls have bodies
    your impersonation of bey “your right jay” 😂

    Omg I did not realize Lauren London not congratulating Cassie until you mentioned it. She dead ass made it seem before like that was her bestie 👀

    1. Right lauren like the hell diddy must of gave her some money or considering letting her move in lol but her and cassie supposed to be sisters i guess

      1. yea after this Lauren look a little tryfilin .. maybe she congratulated her privately.. but damn Diddy got that much power over you boo …. Yes me too I would love to know Wayne’s view on Lauren….

        but “allegedly” this Wayne may not even be the real Wayne so idk if we would ever know 😒😏

  4. Ok I like heaven BUT…his take is full of speculation. Did someone REALLY tell a guy who hasn’t been relevant in years what Rihanna said abt R Kelly penis? And he’s actually quoting what puff said to jay and Beyoncé to Jay. how does he know all this? Who tf told him of a convo between Beyoncé and J??? Nobody. I could do the SAME thing. Hell I’m going to do it now: Beyoncé said “Rihanna you gonna have to keep your distance from my man….or else my crazy sister will fuck u up!”. Is this true? Who knows. I like Heav’s YouTube and IG, but this seems like he’s just rambling and making dialogue up. It’s a no for me dawg

    1. Thought it was just me. The rambling is what gets me. My attention span is not set up like that. When I saw it was a video, I came str8 to the comments for the cliffnotes version.

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