October 1, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Interesting Article I read years Ago

  1. I like how the article has the name sick sad world from daria because that was the tv show shown on that cartoon and it was some creepy eye symbol that would flash.

  2. This is exactly why she needs to exit the industry. They are on to the next “product” already. As she said she just wants to be remembered and that she will be. I understand she night wanna go out on top and the option to leave be her choice but she don’t need to endure anymore. Everybody knows Nicki Minaj. I know she wanna compete with Cardi, but she knows the industry and how they are. Let Cardi have it. Do a new venture.

  3. This is sad but so true. I wonder sometimes who controls the handlers for the artist.😞like do they ever get out of line?!? Are they punished when the celebrity gets out of line👀

  4. I heard about illuminate but I had no idea of how satanic and deep it goes. This article was published in 2011 and I’m so late to this. This article is also showing me that they are doing the same thing to cardi b. It like a mirror also on of the comments went into lady gaga which is also ALOT. My ? Is do these stars know that they are getting programmed bcs looking at cardi b she is so new in the industry and she ALREADY glitching SMH. And then my next question is do the artist knowing scarfice a specific person. Like how does a person KNOWING scarface there mother. Its sad soooo sad and wicked. G thank you for spreading the knowledge bcs after you did a mk ultra piece on IG I researched and its DEEP….THANKS G

  5. I got too deep into the website after reading this article. I’ve been reading stories for about an hour. Then my phone started freezing up. I got scared and closed the browser…

  6. Do you think Lil Wayne was suppose to be a blood sacrifice for Baby? And Baby didn’t do it so now he is losing everything he owns

  7. Thanks for sharing this article Gina because this was very educational… Wow I always just thought all the artist knowingly just go in or willingly be apart of the occult but it’s great to know now the industry slick a lot of artist into their control… Thanks Gina you’re always on top and know exactly what you’re talking about… GINA IS THE TRUTH SO PUT RESPECT ON HER NAME BAMM!!!!!!!💕💕

  8. I don’t like how they can just sacrifice someone like they own them. Just because I am related to you or close to you does not mean you get to do what you please with me. If I was related to anyone in the industry I would stay away from them.
    What is the point of putting the imagery out there. Isn’t the point of a secret society to stay secret?

  9. In that other article said about mushroom. I’m Jedinna’s song Safari has a line that say “mushroom tea getting lit with us, it’s ok baby you can strip for us”. Do you think the new black excellence group (Issa Rae, Yvonne, Janelle Monee, and etc) are mind controlled too?

  10. Wow! This was amazing and I most definitely have to read it again! I was so naive when all these pictures were release lol I just thought she did all these pictures to appeal to a younger audience 🤦🏿‍♀️ Knowledge is truly power! Thanks G, you’re a big help!!!

  11. Hey G! Do you think Nicki knew what they were doing to her in the beginning of her career when they ask her to pose as Alice? Is that a ritual? Do you really believe she has had MK Ultra done in the past?

    1. I remember reading this article from the magazine when it came out. I was also wondering why she looked so Cray Cray with the black and white face.

  12. Wow the article was crazy. But a lot of stuff adds up. It’s like a struggle from the start. They had a perfect target. Sad man. Hope she be ok

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