August 15, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Saturday Hot Takes

      1. He was shot outside of a night club that was hosting his birthday party…he’s from Maryland but currently lived in Atlanta

    1. What doesn’t Hassan family like rih? Is it racial/cultural differences?

      Tristan should’ve strapped up!!!

      1. Yup it’s true, Gucci is unfaithful to his wife b/c my hubby use to work at the high end NYC Hotel called The Langham. Gucci would not speak to anyone there, his security didn’t even know what room he was in. They would only meet at the lobby, Gucci did not trust a soul.
        He would arrive with the same Spanish girl, every time. (My hubby heard her speak Spanish over the phone in the lobby)
        When I showed my hubby Gucci’s wedding and K (his fiancé and now wife) He was bugging out, he said that was def not her at the hotel.. ITS CRAY! Looks are decieving b/c Gucci be looking full time faithful. G is def spilling the true piping hot tea! 🍵 🍵 🍵

  1. So Tristian’s grown ass didn’t understand the concept of condoms if he didn’t want more than sex and clout?

  2. Hi dear .. i really need your sugar about karl Lagergeld… what happend really around him… really some one like him is dead and nobody made a big thing … just IG posts ?

  3. Swae Lee got caught fucking clarisse “Juliette” but he doesn’t want to lose his real thing. Thank you next ✌🏽

  4. Men will never learn. Just because you hear she has bomb head and pussy doesn’t mean you should run and try it. Look where that got him. Then again, we’re people really checking for Tristan like that?

  5. Maybe I read it wrong but chance and Gucci are messing around on their wives? Or are you just saying the way their wives hold them down?

    1. Wow Cardiomyopathy😂😂😂 there’s other IG pages calling her cardi winslow when I saw that that took me all the way out😆😆

  6. So why Trisitan told Khole he wanted her to have his baby? Nvm the shit men say to get the 😺. And Khloe being desperate believed him… Foolish woman.

    I hope it works for Rhianna. Especially, if she is really all in with this dude.

    Wendy needs to leave big Kev. The stress he is causing is what drove that woman back to using… Smh.

    Swae Lee needs to have several seats.

    Who is the travel blogger 😳 lol?

  7. Who is the travel blogger I would like to no too lol

    And typical celeb s*** they just wanna smash and that’s it but don’t know how condoms work…

  8. G any sugar on Meg the Stallion?? Everyone talking about her and she said online she got the call from HOV

    1. And her mother just passed away. No disrespect to the deceased but when I saw that I honest to god went straight to sacrifice since everyone been talking about her a lot lately. I didn’t know she got a call from jay so now I’m leaning even more toward sacrifice unless stated otherwise.

  9. I hope Rihanna don’t change for him, his culture is his and yours so he should take you as you are. We see what happens to Janet Jackson.

  10. Threesome meaning Kevin Charlamagne and Sharina or Wendy Kevin Sharina threesome ?

    I know Charlamagne used to live with Wendy and Kevin. Always thought that was strange

    1. Yea that kind of got me, which set of three. Probably Charlamagne, Kevin, and Sharina knowing Charlamagne freaky self, but then again it could be Wendy…😐😐😐

  11. Hi G..just wondering is Megan thee stallion about to blow up? was his grandmothwrs and now mothers death a sacrifice?

  12. Cliff death was a shock I can’t lie .
    As for Rih (I’m rooting for u sis)
    Khloe damn girl drop him ! I hate how grown men still chat about sex 😩🤐

  13. Wow imagine having your first child w/ someone who only thought of you as good pussy & clout. I be forever scarred whewww. As a woman I feel bad for her but she’s gotta learn on her own when to let go. Only you can make that decision.

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