May 17, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/22/2021

  1. I guess I’ll need to check out Chloe’s performance lol. I stopped watchn these award shows years ago. I hate that Jazmine Sullivan didn’t win when clearly she has vocals and range. The powers that be choose who they want to win. So why watch🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. Kayne needs to stop if he get help things would look better they gone is this to take his kids away and that’s gone kill him

  3. Can someone please tell me what is the big deal with “Chloe”? I’m at a loss. Her performances are always a full blown gizelle mimic. Her moves, her demeanor it’s nothing new original or fresh. I saw the performance and watched the whole thing waiting on it to move me but the whole time i was like ummm, yeah ok, that’s a gizelle move, that’s a gizelle move, that’s a gizelle facial expression I’m wasn’t impressed at all.

    1. No doubt she is talented, but her manufactured sex appeal is Giselle mimic and it is cringy. Sex appeal appears naturally.

      1. Agree, that is a big negative. Now, I understand why Noramani didn’t want to be compared to Beyonce years ago. She got dragged, but she was thinking about her career. I sorry, but Chloe us overshadowed by Beyonce.

    2. The AMAs were on? Chile, my not caring about these awards shows these days is really on 10 🤣.

      I am still trying to figure out how a Drake/Kanye benefit concert is going to help a criminal get out of jail. They just shoulda did a “We are Friends ” concert since they want us, the general population, to care so much. But we don’t. We are too old to play middle school games with “friends” 😒.

      Kanye is off his rocker with this Kim/Pete relationship. But I am here for the shenanigans 🤪 🤣🤣.

    3. Agree, I think Halle made last longer in the industry because she has her own unique style. Plus, she is doing acting, there is really no age limit on acting like the women in music industry have to be replaced by the age of 35.

    4. And she had the nerve to be stiff. She can move as in she’s rhythmic but she’s not a trained dancer. She’s great! She’s just not what they saying lol

    5. chloe is not interesting at all to me, the vocals on chloexhalle were much better than anything chloe is doing now. Plus we need better tea all of this was uninteresting.

  4. I honestly have no interest in watching Chloe just because it’s overly obvious she’s a remake. It sucks because she’s very talented but they should have given her a different identity. But maybe I’m a small majority who feels that way, lol.

    Kim Kardashian is annoying AF. Can she really not stand getting the most attention? She’s the most boring one. I honestly can see North growing up tryin to expose them all, lol.

  5. Every time i think of pete i think of sriana grande.

    Kris is in control of alot snd could be annoying but whatever kanye just going to have to do him.

    Saweetie girl who you having this baby with. She probably tired of working.

    These mew artist are just trash. I feel like chloe going to give gunna a chance. Imma watch her performance but nothing about her is an awwwww moment for me. Back in 2019 i realized halle is the one, i like her voice.

  6. I didn’t know the AMAs were on but it’s definitely about popularity, who has the most followers and more tiktok famous. Up wasn’t that great but it was popular especially on social media.

  7. Saweetie thanks Halle but not Cardi? Doesn’t surprise me. I knew there was tension between the two years ago. I get a strong feeling Saweetie is jealous of Cardi and wants that spot.

  8. You mean the BTS Awards???? I only watched for Cardi, SilkSonic, Tyler The Creator and the Boston Battle. I literally tuned every other person and performer out.

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