July 2, 2022

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96 thoughts on “The Truth Behind What’s Going on With Kanye West

  1. Read this sad story made me think of the lyrics of Jay-Z & Beyonce’s song “Hollywood”… Funny how the mind makes connections…

    1. the kardaashians got on cause kim put them on now they had the deal already for the reality show then kim’ s sex tape blew them up more did they sacrifice their dad? i dont know he was already married to someone else by then and not really messing with them anymore .. i think they got lucky with ray j stupidity superhead told him dont do it if ray j never leaked the tape we probably dont have the entire kardashian family we may still have kim but the only reason people even watxhed kuwtk was because of kim

  2. Doe anyone else remember that video Kanye did YEARS AGO and this little demon came out of his chest and was talking to him? People were saying it was him exposing the illuminati and it was something he released himself on YouTube. It was soon taken down and I never saw it again.

  3. After his mom died to me he was never the same . I always say I want the old west back . Dose kim know about this ?

  4. Did Kim’s robbery play any part in this? Were they trying to send him a message? Remember she said that the robbers were saying, “where is the rapper’s wife. we want the rapper’s wife”

  5. I’m so glad you wrote about this, Kanye has been on my mind since he went on and spoke his truth. I’m so sad because I KNOW they did that to him to silence him forever. He made the wrong deals with the devil and lost, it’s really a sad reality that we will never have Kanye back. I’m glad I became woke and see this world for what it really is, thank you for risking your life to speak the truth!!!

  6. Can’t deny this one. Been saying Kanye hasn’t been sayin much since then …. any real Kanye fan will know if he comes back to music

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