May 16, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar On Everybody Sundays

  1. Picture trying to be a woman in the middle of Ciaras business now after what she went thru w Giselle? She better stop bc once Russell and Ciara send a letter, Future just gonna say, Look at God. You are not Ciara. She got his heart. You got his ire.

  2. None of her business and that’s what kendo gets yeah I don’t buy big Rob it’s sacrifice month

  3. Eliza reign is a baby’s mother orrr? I really don’t know.
    Serge ALWAYS cheats! That’s why I had to take my number back! Lol..

    Kendu- I want him to disappear from all of the industry talk and gossip. Like don’t give him anything to stand on… ever.

    AZ B and Kanye- won’t ever work – 2 geminis…

    Jonesy- of course you had problems with the knowles/ now Lawson clan. You wrote a book saying JayZ looked your butt or some shit Sis.

    Everything else… meh.. ok.

    1. If you’re fucking, you don’t need child support bc he’s gonna give money, clothes and gifts. That’s how future is. Also, I notice her and bow wow have a good relationship and his daughter is always with him as well. I think Joie makes enough on her own not to care really. My favorite IG model and BM.

  4. I know child support laws work different state to state, but Eliza needs to realize she is not going with Ciara gets. Lil is baby number 4 and her baby is six or seven. I have Miss Jones book, she discussed her problem Giselle and Tina, Serge stays cheating with his fine self. He needs to come out and say he needs to two women at alll times. Kanye and Amelia would be a disaster.

  5. Eliza still at it 🥴 I thought starshell was their bedroom buddy who Kendu chose up on over MJB.

  6. RIP to Black Rob 🙏🙏. Said the other day you could see the seeds of death all over his face.

    How much, if any of what Future pays in child support to Ciara is NONE of Eliza’s business. Eliza better recognize that Ciara IS a celebrity herself and has her on coin. PLUS she is married to a high profile celebrity football player. So a lot of things Ciara does for baby Future probably comes out her own pocket. In other words, she doesn’t need to wait on Future to pay her for the boy. That’s the beauty of having your own brand and money. You don’t have to sit and wait for a check.

  7. I like eliza but she just need to let it go and hustle harder. Being in Ciara’s business won’t get you know where.

    Rip black Rob!

    AB said it was a joke

    That’s what kendu gets.

  8. Now at this point Eliza is becoming a tick.. Like damn you made your bed now lay in it.. Bihh needs to definitely stay out of Ciara busy!

  9. 😂 😂 i bet she mad she still gotta wait to flex with future child support check and the blogs BEEN stopped posting about her and her kid.

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