August 15, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 1/12/19 Nick Cannon and Dame Dash Vs 50 Cent and Funk Flex

  1. Swear G I was just about to email you about Al B Sure’s post I kid you not!! I wonder what really happened between them 3 as to why Al B Sure wasn’t around his son Quincy? I bet Diddy was behind that smh! Thanks G for the sugar I was up early for this😂👏🏾

  2. I had a dream a while ago that God was about to expose everybody. Who is on the DL the works. Expose them God so your ppl can quit idolizing and turn their hearts back to you. Amen

    1. Amen! I agree! I’ve never been a star struck person, but this blog REALLY let me see why I’m not! I see why God talks about idol worship in the Bible so much because the way some people worship these celebrities is a little scary.

    2. Amen! I know who Al can talk to? It’s only two people he can get some straight up information. One is definitely a female and the other one is a male. I know for fact that his nemesis is definitely is not going to that female. Why? There is a priceless bounty on the nemesis head and the nemesis for some odd reason will not go see this female. And that is the oddest thing. Al definitely needs to see that female first, then see the male second.

  3. Wow.. I did pick up on Al B. Sure posting her a lot and noticed his following went up a bit!!! I see Dallas Austin posting Kim Porter a lot too!! 🤔

  4. Damn… crazy shit… this industry is out of control and social media is about to expose all types of shit… people are digging.

  5. I’m scared for Al… I don’t want nothing to happen to him.. he seems like a genuine guy.. and if Quincy did do it that would be fucked up, he’s own son.. but then again he was raised in that poison 🤷🏽‍♀️… What I do know is Al loved her and if things where different he would have taken her back and and she would still be here smiling more the I’ve ever seen her smile especially with Diddy. RIP Kim Porter.

      1. stop looking at quincy & see the situation for what it really is, the answer has been in plain sight

  6. The industry is doing it’s best to deflect the R Kelly narrative. Bringing up less than smart decisions by SOME, which really isn’t criminal just DUMB, is smoke and mirrors. Only the sheep fall into the trap. YES, the industry is full of predators… Key word PREDATORS(plural). There are too many, so you take them out(expose them) one at a time. Right now, it is Robert’s turn. Let him be done and then we are on to the next.

  7. Workplace sexual harassment….or the bruja that lead to satanic rituals they were doing to get on top???

  8. I totally agree with your R Kelly prediction. They will not charge him with anything. A few ppl who were high on their horse abt him are toppling (Touré) and this dj Girl here in Chicago was doing THEE most and she jumped off the bandwagon after ppl hit her hard and made her look like an attention seeking thirsty troll. Dame has been outed by Bleek. Not to mention Aaliyahs mom… if that’s true. Keep it all coming.

  9. Is it true R. Kelly between is only 1 million???
    That pic of Kim looks like her twins. The truth always comes out just be patient

  10. I think R.Kelly is worth way more than 1 million. You have a place at Trump international & had been paying off all these women & their families to be quiet the past two decades? I do believe now his money might not be what it was but he’s definitely getting royalties

    Only issue I had with Andrea is her saying she had no clue & in the next scene another victim said she saw Andrea @hotels & other locations & it was alluded Andrea would participate and/or recruit for these threesomes. Also it was made that the kids were shielded away yet the daughter spoke out about she witnessed some terrible things in that house. So inconsistencies like that are the only issue. I don’t doubt the abuse but I think there’s way more Andrea knows than what she’s saying

    As for everyone else saying it’s a money grab, ppl pimping out their daughters, the girls being fast, separate the artist from the art etc., R.Kelly is still a grown man & in that situation should not ever partake in that kind of behavior. But he has mastered the manipulation, control & abuse & everyone is traumatized

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the record label just has him write & produce as an alias for awhile until this blows over. I didn’t realize how much power R.Kelly has with so many ppl willing to remain quiet or defend him. Plus the Chicago police looking the other way & buddies with some of his security so they’re in no hurry to pursue anything

    I knew the documentary would spin out of control. I even have blood relatives one male one female that have come to the conclusion this is a conspiracy to take down the black man & push the gay agenda & that everyone involved knew what they were signing up for. Their words not mine. & yes both of these two have daughters of their own

    I knew though the result of this would be a series of deflections, exposing ppl involved as well as outing others to say that R.Kelly isn’t alone. Unfortunately I don’t see much happening with R.Kelly. He still has way too much support from the black community that refuse to stop listening to his music or supporting him & with his sales spiking in all of this I don’t see RCA taking a stand as long as there’s money to be made

    1. The conspiracy the two came up with ummm it’s not far fetched I didn’t think about that. But I do now realize he is powerful. And yeah Andrea is idk since Hollywood exes something rubbed me wrong about her.

  11. Violence against black women being ignored even after this documentary & some ppl still not caring is also the other tragedy in all this

    1. And that will continue. You can be the richest black woman or the poorest. Have a genius IQ, or illiterate. Black women throughout the world will never be valued, respected, or truly loved. No matter who you are with. Even if you date outside your race, or in same-sex relationships. Violence against black women just becomes worst. And it took this long to tell this story. Let alone the women who will never be able to have their voices heard. But maybe it’s just me?

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong pls. G I remember you telling us sometime ago that jay will be getting in trouble for sexual harassment as well.

  13. My questions to Gina are…is Kim’s death being investigated? I know we’re waiting on the cause of death and it seems that its taking a long time. Will we ever find out who is behind Kim’s death? Was she sacrificed or was it ordered by the Elites?

  14. Damon knows Jigga was dealing with Robin when she was fresh off the boat, Inga wont say anything because Solo got her bound up sewed up in box in the back of her closet already, and if Kim still has no death certificates and Q wont press for answers what can Al really do ?

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