October 6, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/10/19

  1. what more does the kardashian’s have to talk about they did and showed it all…

    poor amber is something going on with her???

  2. Is that why she is always so distant and quiet even to her fans and doesn’t engage interviews anymore cause she’s heavily MK (talking bout Giselle)? Poor nicki I’m really rooting for her, and Sofia sprung🙄

  3. That fact that the Kardashian’s make even one million is a shame. Goes to show how America really can make unworthy people with no substance into wealthy idiots. Yet our educators and service men are living below poverty line.

    Giselle has always been under MK.

  4. Giselle appears to also have severe anxiety and they are keeping her laced up with pills and it also look like alcohol with that bloated body. I am no Beyonce fan but in a way I’m starting to feel sorry for her just like Brittany. Bey just has a better team that keeps her image polished

      1. What is going on with Wendy kissing these Kardashian’s asses now. She makes it a point to give them shout outs daily. She said she went to Idaho for some R&R which is probably code for a Pimp mama Kris’s tea potion.

      2. If it was just her dazed glare I would agree but she has the disposition and body shape of someone on an benzodiazepines and/or alcohol

  5. Who the heck cares how many times Tristan and Jordyn hooked up? They can say she’s pregnant by the dude and it wouldn’t make a difference to anyone but the KKK and their blind loyal minion slaves.

  6. Not related to any of these hot topics, but G do you have any sugar as to why James Earl Jones not in any of TLK promo photos? Seem so odd as he’s a main character.

  7. Unwine with Tasha K already aired out Wendy and Kevin. I was just in Columbia today was not far from where Sharina ‘s parents lived. If I had more time and driving my own vehicle (Couldn’t due to the fact I had just gotten my third round of my injections for neck pain) I would have taken a pic.

    1. Yes she did. I was hoping it was not true 😬. Not to slight Tasha K but to get Wendy out of that situation. Some Cancer women never learn – forever have a soft spot for jerks🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. Ugh whyyyyy the Kardashian’s are annoying!
    Poor Bella God see’s and knows that’s probably why those earthquakes hit California God is sick of the sin in hollyweird
    And oh no Amber I pray not

  9. Ms G What really going on with ASAP? They got him in the original HQ of MK holding him for disorderly conduct? I thought they cant wait to get rid of black ppl out they country for acting up now they holding him for weeks WTF? Is he really even locked up or worse IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

  10. I’m lost, what Cardi thing is she talking about? Those Kardashian’s are gonna do everything they can to “attempt” to bring JW down. I mean until I see photographs, it’s all hear say at this point. No phones right? That’s what they all claimed. Phones were taken I like Bey, sad she always looks zombified. But when your a hundred millionaire, that’s how you chose to live to get to that level. Ashley Benson is gay? Hannah! Hannah! And Nicki bought what? So is dude using her or what because I’m confused. She makes a hella lot more than him so is it a bad thing she spent her money on her man or is it bad because he is using her just for her money? And I also want to say I think it’s shitty how people on social media are clowning Kanye for having a billionaire dollars plus in sales for his company, yet everyone was so quick to hype Kylie and Jay Z up for being billionaires. Kanye owns 100 percent of Yeezy. Those are number from Yeezy. Not adidas. But I guess it’s easier to hate him then to give him some credit. Trump supporter or not, he still worked for his shit. He is what some would say a self made billionaire? Or does that only apply to Kylie and Jay z?

  11. I read that Beyonce’s aunt died. Tina’s sister. That may be why she looked out of it.

  12. Idk if it’s cause I’m high but….

    THAT WENDY COMMENT SENT ME 💀💀💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 like that shit still got me laughing‼️‼️😂😂

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