October 2, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About it: The 2 So Called ” Other Passengers” In the Kevin Hart Crash Are Finally Spotted

  1. Something definitely doesn’t smell right! Not to mention the video of Emiko leaving the hospital and she was pissed not sad.

    1. She might be behind this disappearance of KEVIN too…. makes me think of those movies when the women put up with so much shit n play it cool to outsiders but all along she was plotting to take her man out in some sort of fashion…..

      Eniko is a woman’s scorned and so I’m side eyeing her right bout now…. like NOBODY saying anything and EVEN HIS EX WIFE LOVES TO RUN HER MOUTH and she is mute so….. idkkkkkkkkkk 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  2. Man it’s sad cause we all kno something has happened to Kevin smh but he wanted to be in HollyWeird so bad & pretty much blackballed his ex wife which if it were me i probAbly would be glad he blackballed me cause i could End up like him!! SAD!!!!!!

  3. Something is wrong with you IF YOU DONT FIND THIS WHOOOOOOLE THING TO BE STRANGE!!!!!! Something is DEFFFFFFF wrong 100%!!!!!! This aint like Kevin Hart cause also keep in mind KEV EVEN REMAINED IN THE SPOTLIGHT during his cheating scandal and as humiliating as it was HE STILL SHOWED FACE N TALKED BOUT IT…. so all this (even tho I DONT want to jump WAAAAY to this conclusion) makes me feel like KEVIN COULD OF DIED IN THIS ACCIDENT AND THEYRE WAITING FOR THE CLONE TO BE FULLY COMPLETE BEFORE THEY SHOW this NEW version of Kevin….. cause I’m shoooooooo PAYING ATTENTION to every detail of him once he comes back out…..

    1. Exactly its like the whole kevin thing went under the radar smh and not nare one of those celebs saying get well or they spoke with him or i just saw him.

  4. Ok so listen everybody…have anybody been seeing Sukihana??? She’s had so many dam surgeries & she’s been looking MKish…idk

    1. Yea I been following her since DAY 1 also and I AGREE WITH YOU 100%. I see everything that’s been going on with her…..

    1. I think it happened how it was 1st reported. He is paralyzed and damaged was done to his vocal cords so therefore he cant speak. Remember the 1st report always has some truth to it.

  5. This entire Kevin Hart situation is a big fishy mess. This is the same way it went down(minus the near death experience) when he got caught cheating last time with the girl in the backseat. This is all weird and a giant cover up for something.

  6. Google psychic Tracey brown. She did a whole video on it. She said they were having a threesome while driving. The fiancé head was In the drivers lap with her ass in Kevin’s face.

    1. Oh wowwwwwww at the psychic info smh.. I don’t put it pass kevin at all.. it’s weird how enock was just white gurl dancing on video like its all good.. she’s probably happy about what happened to him, he’s not cheating anymore smh.. these ppl above don’t look like they were in a car accident at all

  7. I hope Kevin isn’t dead… but goodness he has completely disappeared- no sound bites, tweets, pics nothing from him at all.

  8. Off topic: the fact that will smiths “Gemini man” flopped is making me chuckle like sith tf down you and your wife.

  9. IDK I think this Kev situation is a reverse B.Norwood . ALLEDGEDLY she was so hi on pills she got out the car and said OMG is the other person dead , she not answering me ? The video was online but it got scrubbed real quick . Now Kevvy Kev totaled his car and flee , Terry J totaled his car and flee , anybody remember when both those guys were at Ye’s house clowning on KKW home cooking fried chix collard greens etc ? Seems to me since they ate KKW food they been catching hell ever since Kev had a cheating scandal then a lgbt scandal , TJ and AJ both got fired etc . NOOO KEVIN DONT EAT THAT — KKW soul food is really people soul food LMAO !

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