October 3, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 10/17/19

    1. If the first one is Rihanna then I don’t think that’s the smart way to go about things when you trying to win over ya man’s family who is skeptical about whether or not you will properly convert to their very conservative religion. But maybe her patience is running thin who knows?

  1. 10171 – Rihanna

    The other day she put a clothing with feline print, do Dat mean she back on market and can be loaned to the highest bidder.?
    Question to @icydknow or anyone else

  2. I’m guessing the 1st one is supposed to be Riri? My only questions regarding that is she LITERALLY just had an interview come out saying how Hassan was the one & was asking questions about wedding designer dresses

    Also, she often models items from her lingerie line which she never is covered up for those photos

    Plus it seems her & Mel are usually one of her vacations she takes before the release of her new album

    1. But why was she hanging with A$AP? They definitely used to fuck…..gotta be her. Plus G said the family isn’t super sold on her right now.

  3. 1. Rihanna
    2. Travis Scott and Tyga
    3. Lamar Odom and his new lady. I’ll be sad if she hurts him and he relapses. I’ve loved seeing him so happy and healthy

  4. That 3rd one Tasha did a video about yesterday, with Lamar’s ex manager telling ALL the business. It was a good one!

    1. She is definitely a scam artist. I ordered detox tea and never got it. I filed a complaint with BBB on her and to my credit card company. Turns out, I’m not the only one she took $ from and never sent their product. Smh….

  5. I knew the 2nd one had to do w the kardashian/Jenner
    Lamar I knew cus Tasha took me out w that interview

    Can’t believe the 1st is about Rih, she should do better 🙄….. she said she’s happy w her Arabic so she lied??? Btw that last swimsuit picture. She looks bad 😍

  6. Rihanna’s ass was serving in her latest pictures. I don’t care what nobody say. That basic black bikini was looking good on her. Hassan can stay mad lol

    I feel like the second one is Future and Larsa not Travis & Kylie. Maybe y’all are throwing a curve ball 🤣

    Lamar Odom is with the phony thieving hoe

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