October 5, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Rihanna and Matt Barnes Situation

  1. I’ll never understand the appeal with Rihanna. Her sexual appeal must be amazing because she’s cute but not drop dead. Just my thoughts……

    1. You’re probably the only person I’ve ever heard say this. Rihanna is gorgeous & oozes sex appeal so it doesn’t surprise me how these dudes act regarding her, including her exes

    2. Yes I think Rihanna is average pretty with green eyes. She was eh back in Pon De Reply days. But the higher she got the more glamerous due for makeup, facials, glamour spells. One thing I will say is she has that “international it girl appeal”

  2. It seems as though she doesnt claim dudes she’s not serious with or in something casual with. She’s publicly claimed Chris Brown, Matt Kemp, & Hassan but plenty of times she would never outright say whether or not Drake officially was her boyfriend although the proof said otherwise

    It seems when she’s just single having fun with ppl she doesn’t want it out there due to how the press is with her especially regarding her personal life plus the stigma of a single woman casually dating/having FWB is being seen as something derogatory versus when a guy does it he gets praised

    Matt seems happy now with Beverly Johnson’s daughter & Rihanna & Hassan are good so maybe whatever it was worked out for the best

  3. I agree too… Matt Barnes is fine, much better looking than Travis. I remember this story and I believed it, Rihanna sometimes comes across immature on IG.

  4. I know Matt and the situation and he absolutely would NOT lie. Should he have just kept mouth shut? Yes, but you still don’t call someone a liar and try to take away their credibility when you know they’re not, that’s just foul. I could never stop loving Rih Rih tho!!!

  5. To sum it all up…….everyone in Hollywood are smashing each other & will turn on you whenever the wind blows.

  6. The shade from Rihanna Navy is just bc you light DON’T MAKE IT RIGHT… And no Matt is not fine lol he aight

  7. I think because his initial statement made it seem more than wht it was especially if they never even went on the date. And at the time she was dating other people so he drawled on her situation opening his mouth.

  8. I’ve been ghost in the comments lol. But Rih just seems like the the type to do men how they do women . Basically I’m saying she doesn’t seem to really claim a man unless it’s %100 legit . Other than that Rih is like I hit in quit it 😘

  9. If she was “dating” Lewis she was bearding and has to deny other guys. I’m UK or scene it’s kind of known Lewis isn’t straight. But it’s not open knowledge.

  10. I’m glad I stopped to read fully cuz I was bouta be like, “ nah bitch, I remember u being on the balcony in That pink dress wit that man grabbing whole handfuls of ass so let’s not front!!!” But that was kemp 😩😩😆😆

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