October 6, 2022

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52 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Kevin Hart and Katt Williams

  1. Umm i don’t think Katt is jealous of Kevin hart.. stating your opinion means you hating or jealous?? Katt said he doesn’t do drugs

      1. G Why did he just win a Emmy that was a little suspect to me because we know the elite chooses who wins 🤔

  2. I agree Gina. People be wanting their cake and eat it too. You gotta decide what you want. Do you want fame or your soul? If you want fame, you gotta do all the things that come with that life. If you want your soul, you gotta chill and step away from it all. If you are like Giselle and Rihanna, you gotta repent and come back to Jesus. Chris Brown is the same way. Want the women, cars, drugs, etc. but don’t wanna be down with the stuff that comes with that life. Stay crying about how people are targeting him…. Yada Yada Yada… Make a choice and lived with it.

  3. Smh.. if Kevin really did do those gay sexual rituals.. it wouldn’t surprise me, he’s weak and money hungry.. I mean what else do he have.. he’s not funny.. as far as Eniko is concern.. I know for a fact she don’t really love Kevin it’s all about money with her and the funny thing is you can see it.. every time I see them together you can tell its all an act, so when he cheated on her, that’s when I really knew she don’t give a fuck. Really feel bad for his ex wife Torrei, honestly I think Kevin left her because she wasn’t going to allow him to do funny shit he does when it comes to that Industry she really loved him, she would have gotten in the way and more because now he’s famous and he wanted to have a trophy wife.. personally I think torrei is better, but what ever and I also know that he probably blackballed her to, he doesn’t want her working in Hollywood at all and that’s fucked up.. she a good actress, there’s no reason why she’s not gettin work in the film industry, especially since she is so popular… she’s been trying to level up be I don’t think he will let her get to far.. it’s sad tho. As for Katt he better watch it, cause I would hate for something bad to happen to him because he told the truth.. smh black men

    1. Didn’t G mentioned the casting couch and a secret society in Hollywood? That’s the real reason why Kevin is not letting Torrei get involved. And you also just answered your own question about not Torrei not working. 😂

  4. G I wholeheartedly agree katt can’t really be mad that Kevin took the opportunity to sell his soul and do the sex rituals. He’s from Philly and grew up in poverty. I may not agree with everything in this industry but 9 times outta 10 if someone gets that chance they’ll take it. He probably just had a weight on his shoulders and felt like he had to take one for the team to get his family out the struggle. That is something I can definitely respect.

  5. Lol at the break down of options, Sell your soul to be successful or live a life with a chance to escape eternal damnation. Katt needs to count his blessings. See it for what it is worth. Material things are fleeting. There is one thing that will never change, we are born and then we die. Knowing that he can make decisions that can affect his soul on HIS own terms is beautiful. Instead of being a puppet/slave to the elites. Personally, I think HE(Katt) is the one winning. They can’t hold anything over him and peace of mind is a great gift.

    1. They can hold something over his head… it’s called a bullet. He better chill before he ends up missing or dead of “suicidal” means

      1. I mean sure, they could kill him. We all could get a bullet. But what I am talking about is pulling out tapes showing screwing men or etc. Plus Katt isn’t it stupid. He knows that they will try to take him out. Which is why I think he pushes it so far and then falls back.

    2. I agree. You ain’t gotta have all the money in the world to be successful and make money. Katt ain’t broke and I’m sure he’s living good financially.

  6. N.O.R.E & plenty of other ppl in the industry have said there are 2 doors you have to go through once you reach a certain level. He said it’s either homosexual or satanic. It’s really sad that those are your choices if you want to become “rich & famous”. Now when I see someone just pop up famous (like Tiff Haddish) I just wonder what door they picked.

  7. I agree life isn’t fair sometimes. Kevin is a little bitch got blocking Kat’s deep down he knows Kat is more talented. He just needs to focus on staying alive forget the BS not worth it.

  8. I’m glad you mentioned Dave G. I was watching this video about the real dave being dead& this new muscular Dave is a clone. Why is it that he’s allowed back in Hollywood after everything that’s happened?

    1. cause by him taking that money its kinda going back on everything he said and i this is really a clone he really isnt back then is he?

      1. Did Dave have to do anything to make up for talking about the industry and running away? Why did they offer him the money again instead of getting rid of him and creating a mystery to generate posthumous sales?

  9. Can you do a story about the sex rituals that take place in the industry? Like how do these celebrities not have stds or aids , bruises , scars etc .

    1. a lot of celebrities have contracted stds but they have the means and funds to get rid of them as far as aids goes they will make sure there big money makers don’t die of aids if a entertainer that is down dies with aids to me that’s suspect

      1. G, what about Charlie Sheen. Did he get AIDS after going off on that tangent? He seems like he’s down with the shits

      2. Why don’t they just heal them with herbs? You remember they killed Dr. Send for messing with the pharmaceutical money. You would think they’ll cure themselves of HIV and push the poison treatments to the general public.

  10. Great tea as usual!!! So Ice Cube put him on, did Cube have to do rituals as well? He doesn’t seem like he’d be down with it, but then again you never know.

  11. I been thought that about Kevin he’s a super proud coon, that’s probably why he can’t stop cheating on his wife, they make these people sex deviants!!

  12. It’s bitter sweet for Katt. He didn’t sell his soul but he probably feels it’s not fair things aren’t done by talent. Katt is great comic funnier than Kevin and clever on stage and talks about real things. While Kevin is a great business man who is smart when it comes to that his comedy is whack now caus he can’t offend anybody cause of his business thinking mind. So i get it.

  13. In order to be uber successful do you have to eventually sell your soul? Not just in Hollywood but in general? Serious question.

  14. Wow everything Katt said in 06 is true.
    My aunt has a chance to date him & turned him down. He was in love with her

    I respect Katt for not selling his soul & he spoke nothing but facts about Kevin & Tiffany. Neither are funny & we know why they’re being shoved down their throats

    I hope Katt still books things I mean the man did just win an Emmy. It just sucks though bc if you’re MJ or Prince & try to speak out, they shut you up. SMH

    I don’t know if is the same Dave walking around. I’ve heard about the clones & how sometimes they will roll out if the original starts malfunctioning but Dave
    I just don’t recognize at all & it would go against everything he rationalized not taking the 50mil

    I also see LeBron is everywhere now with his production opportunities so I’m sure he’s really about to transform to another level. I know a lot about his mistresses bc where he’s from but LA & Hollywood is a whole nother level & he was pretty protected in Ohio

    1. His cheat game is AIRTIGHT lol but there are hiccups lol… But Savannah is a good soldier so she gonna hold it down but he gonna go thru the shits in LA because he has no where to hide in besides his house and the gym lol. Everything is gonna be magnified with him x 1000

  15. I don’t think he is mad about that, I think he is more mad about him giving in to selling his soul. You can still make money by not selling your soul. I wish we could stop pointing the finger at each other and look at the real problem which is the elite. We have enough power to stand together and not sell out to them and have our stuff. Instead, we get mad at each other. Kevin keeps running his mouth about how Katt Williams keeps talking about the “white man” and says how is content is sold through the “white man” but he knows who Katt is talking about. A lot of us do.

  16. On Katt’s Infamous radio interview he did last week with v103 before Wanda’s husband pulled a gun on him, he stated that he is th machine behind his own projects. He is not funded by any major deals and nobody is putting up money to make sure he’s successful. He said he has a number of Netflix deals and Comedy Central and keeps all of his money for his shows. He far from broke and jealous. Maybe Eniko might be the link to their rivalry 🤔

  17. Katt knows hes the man everybody knows Kevin is not funny hes goofy it’s a difference just like Tiffany shes just loud and plays the stereotypical black female well 😏

  18. Kevin Hart and all these celebs who act “high and mighty and look down on others in the industry” get on my nerves 🙄 Out here pretending that talent is what got them to those levels 😒

  19. G my question is- about the Dave Chapelle BS- idk if you’ve heard but his cousin is saying that they killed off and cloned his entire immediate family- how can they do that? Like you would think they’d do what they always do and just deny deny deny and make the accuser look crazy, like why go through all that?

  20. I saw Katt last month in A.C. He looked well and vibrant. I took a pic with him and he is the coolest dude when talking to him. I was cracking jokes on him because he had a flip phone and he was so funny about it. I am glad he never sold out and I think whatever he is doing is working for him perfectly. Stop focusing on that fool Kevin hart because at end of day, no one is really checking for KH. Everyone knows Katt is way funnier than KH. He has nothing to prove.

  21. Katt is DEFINITELY funnier than Kevin. Its weird cuz me and my friends always talk about how Kevin and Tiffany Haddish just act like “dumb black ppl” that whites wanna see us as. They both act like sellouts and neither r funny and in my opinion Tiff and Kevin r embarrassing to the black community

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