October 2, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Quincy’s New Essence Magazine Shoot and More To Come

  1. Definitely knew he sacrificed his mom. Right before her death, He’s been getting advertised more in the media, radio, & more. He’s slowly but surely becoming to be everywhere

    1. Right he seemed to have success already. What about Christian who will have to be sacrificed for him to make it ? Or will he do things to get there

    1. The 1st pic of him with the suit on. It was posted after the pic of him, his dad and puffy at funeral. Look at the hand/finger placement.

      1. Wow your right because G called Michael b jordan out last month for the same placement. Scary shit. Im glad im happy broke

  2. This is hard, it hurts… why Quincy, he so talented. Breaks my heart.. Al B Sure, I’m concerned for now. I remember when he posted that someone was following him and I think someone broke in his house if I’m not mistaken. Scary. God please protect those children.

    1. No because they don’t compete over Quincy now. Quincy considers Diddy as his Dad even though Al is his father

      1. I figured that was the case, Al was present in his other kids lives but not Quincy…makes sense.

  3. Technically, in order to be a Mason, you have to be a man of coarse. But to joined under in the organization, you have to a biological dad, brother, or granddad in the organization. By Diddy non being related to Quincy, it wouldn’t count. He can do the poses if he became a member on his own, but not under Diddy. The only way Quincy can do the poses is to joined.

  4. It seems so unreal that people would choose money and fame In this way..I wouldn’t give them my mama for all the money in the world

  5. These pics we’re taken in September and have started circulating now as he was just in a movie maybe 🙄. This sacrifice shit is getting way too much smh

  6. ok heres some agave … bcz i like yall… so lets be C L E A R > all of the answers yall lookin for are hidden in plain sight, (Small example) if you go look at some of the post Chris has made since his mothers passing, peep his energy & aura [reminds ME personally too much of his father Sean i get it thats his kid but if you truly understood energy, aura, & spirit you’d get it] and if you dont overstand what I mean by that [about Sean aka Puffy aka Diddly aka Diddy] then yea continue to believe the narrative being told about Quincy but Chris is being painted as the one who couldnt have done it because he loved his mommy so much bahaha be real and remember what kind of industry they are in & Chris being born into it is COMPLETELY different from how his parents became apart of the industry so BE careful bruh the rabbit HOLE runs deeper w/ that one

  7. Soso Madam said Diddy and the boys sacrificed Kim. But Mystic Circle spoke to Kim’s spirit and hot her perspective. She said Diddy did it and has her bound to Earth where she can’t move. Eventually she’ll pass over to the spirit realm. I believe Soso Madam she speaks to the God. Kim’s spirit doesn’t know all the details.

    1. She will stay there until we light candles for her to come towards the light. Diddy is getting his as we speak.

  8. Ok so like the diligent scholar I am (and just being plain nosy 😂) I looked up Quincy’s net worth. I honestly don’t know how accurate it is, but the online “source” stated it got his net worth from Forbes. It says that his net worth was $62 million in 2016 and as of 2017 it was $600 million 😕. I’m skeptical because I didn’t think he was worth 10 million, let alone 62 million. But then again he is Diddy’s son 🤧

  9. All I can do is shake my head and put my hand to my mouth I still can’t believe the level people will stoop to for fame and money .you were right G the truth ALWAYS COMES TO LIGHT. What I found very odd was at the funeral only ,Diddy, Quincy ,and Al B Sure was their where were her other kids? And no I do not want to hear that no they were their they just weren’t seen in any photos.that’s not my point the main focus was on those three men .I feel the funeral was a subliminal ritual meaning that yes it was us 3 that sacrificed her.And why Quincy would do it is due to at the end of the day It’s Diddy that has money not him.Not to mention people went in on a picture he posted on ig of him returning back to work smiling and laughing hmmm you look at little to happy considering your mom just passed.Quincy quickly deleted that post and put up a picture of him kissing his mom with the caption” I still miss you”.Its crazy how you can see how predictable people move when you are woke or as G said it on the red pill.Quincy is the guilt eating your inside out yet? I know Kim’s soul is not resting that’s why it’s bothers us so much about her death she is crying out loudy from the spiritual realm.

  10. You can see that puffy is in a lot of turmoil over this ……. his baby girls ain’t happy no more , he has dimmed the light . King I heard went off (dont know how much of that is true) but I haven’t seen him with puff or Q ……..

  11. Well, I guess those who were wondering, got their answer of who was being witchy in the Combs’ clique, when it came to Kim’s passing. 😩😩

  12. How does it work for them to sacrifice Kim tho? I thought the elites take whomever they want from you without your knowing of the person they choose.

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