October 4, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Season 7 : The Night Rihanna and Karim Benzema Broke Up and Why

  1. I cannot believe she let Chris come between her good thing. He could’ve spoken to her at another time. Didn’t want to be with her but didn’t want anyone else to have her.

  2. What’s not hard to understand? Dude, Rih is trying to keep you away from Chris. which is a good thing. Now I love Breezy, aka Team Taurus don’t me wrong. But, Chris needs to chill. He is a definition of A True Taurean. He can get very possessive when it comes to women. And the type of drama he comes with, is not worth going to two places
    1) hospital and 2) jail.

      1. So what is the status of Hassan Jameel? Are they still “together” if that is wat they want to call it…

      2. Are they BOTH TOXIC to each other yes but she always looks the happiest with Chris. I feel the industry has to be a VERY hard place to have a GENUINE relationship. I do know both should stay away from each other.

  3. I would love, love, LOVE for them to get back together because I think they are each other’s true love but I don’t think it’s healthy neither safe for either of them. They already wanted Chris gone the first few times, don’t give them a reason to off you. Maybe when they’re old and gray they can rekindle everything.

    1. And me too!! I swear she’s in London building a love shack she’s gonna hide him in… he comes back, his dick gonna have a security team. She ain’t having it! Lmao

  4. I’ve always loved chrianna I just also know they both have issues they would have to resolve if they were to ever work. Rihanna maybe high up but she still has her flaws like any other woman and we know the story of Chris. They would definitely have to do some repairing and being honest about a lot of things in order to prosper IF it were to ever happen again. I mean they blossomed into love from being put together for PR & she wouldn’t sacrifice him when the time came so there is something genuine there.

  5. Can we get a full break down of Chrianna G? I feel like there is so much to be told about them and i wanna know as much as possible! From the apparent engagement, to the reason behind the ‘09 brawl, and I wouldn’t be surprised if pregnancies were somewhere in the equation! I want all the tea! They love story is wild but beautiful at the same time idk how to describe it.

  6. When you young dealing with so many emotions relationships go really sour but now that they older if they want to work it out it will… I believe they truly loved each other

    1. I’m glad Riri is done with Chris & Drake. Nothing but hurt, betrayal, pain & drama & they had way too many chances to get it right & Judy couldn’t

      She called Hassan the one & her friends refer to him as uncle for one of their newborns. They are super private & lowkey.

    1. Brim, Gucci Mane might be having his way with both of them. I always felt that something was go on between him and Asian Doll.

  7. All these celebrity men are toxic. Chris had Rih on an emotional roller coaster from the beginning. They both ended up on drugs together to where she looked anorexic.Then she got depressed and gained weight. I hope she never looks back. Then Onika a beautiful strong intelligent woman Meek who I feel was never worthy knocked her off her square she put on tons of depression weight. The wrong man will fuck a perfectly good woman up.

    1. Sachsfifth, Onika should have listen to her team. She should have marry Drake and have a baby with him. Drake really love her and he’s has more money her ex boyfriends. Soon as she broke up with meek, Drake was right there for her. He forgive her for all the b.s. drake ask her to be with him last year. I would not wast no time getting pregnant by Drake. I’m sure he would have been happy if he got pregnant.

  8. Damn I know how being in love with someone who isn’t good for you is. It’s hard to let go of all ties. Including emotional 😭

  9. Poor CB aka Messy Bessie. Riri should be on to his antics by now. This custody battle got him focused like nobody’s business.

  10. Where were her bodyguards to keep Chris away? Benzema really liked her if they were seen together. Around the time they started dating a groupie released videos and pictures of her and Benzema. He is now married to a black woman who he has a son with.

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