August 16, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Brittany Renner’s Tell All Book

    1. And she still dumb. Females 30 and under sre some of the dumbest brauds I have ever seen! What and why are you trying to undo what somebody already done? She need to take herself somewhere and do some homework on how can I better myself without making myself look stupid?!

    1. It won’t do shit. She’s the damn dummy! 26 and still dumb! Hell, I retired at the age of 26!! When hustling has gone wrong.

  1. I just don’t understand these copycats now who have the game all wrong. It’s clear she needs the money & at least the high profile dudes won’t mess with her anymore or anything beyond sex bc why else now would she do a book or still do Overseas trips?

    She’s got it all messed up by paying her way for stuff just to hang out & sleep with some athletes, rappers & singers

    I remember doing a whole research paper & presentation of Karrine’s book in college regarding the topic of representation of black women in music videos & breaking down the book & the corresponding documentary was apart of

    & while I don’t agree with Karrin’s lifestyle, she told the book in a way that not only made her millions but still garnered dudes that wanted to mess with her

  2. Can we encourage young women to become successful in other ways than sleeping with rich men? I mean it gets u a bag yes, but respect no.

  3. About every straight man follows her, including mine lol. He shared with me some video she did and I’m like “who is this silly bish”, clicks on her page lo and behold she’s an instathot 🙄

  4. Way way late lol .
    But I just read or listen to the book fully . It’s actually really good and has nothing to do with being an actual tell all . (My opinion )
    What I got from this was a girl just telling the story how being insecure and not knowing yourself will send u on a roller coaster . Just a journey of self . All women go threw at some point . If u haven’t checked it out go read it before you judge folks

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