October 6, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Exclusive Kim is Telling Khloe To Leave Tristan Thompson

  1. Im trying to figure out why this all came out days before her delivery. I wonder if Kris is using this for a postive way for khloe to get out and makr him look bad idk super confusing. She should leave his ass. She dont need his trifflin ass

  2. I thinks she’s going to leave especially because it was humiliating not only for her but she represents the whole Kardashian brand. There’s no way Kris will stand by while she tales him back

  3. If she’s going off in emotions vs logic she’ll stay and play happy family until the kid is three and then they just grow separately… Logic.. Some will cheat again… And some won’t… But having a history of leaving before or not being faithful during his children gestational stage is apparent…. It’s 9 months… Dang this was just wrong

  4. I think she’ll leave because he will never stop what he’s doing. Plus she has the baby she always wanted, why stay?

  5. I think she should leave..considering he has been cheating on her through out her oreganpre and it seems through the realionship. It doesn’t seem like he would stop messing around. The surrounds of this coming out during the birth of her child is all suspicious. Maybe it’s a scheme and publicity stunt from her manager who saw Tristan as determinent to Khloe. No woman should go through something like that when they are close to giving birth. This whole situation is a mess. SMH

  6. Leave his ass… but she wont. Look how long she stayed with Lamar and he was druggin, pickin up who knows what…

  7. She’ll definitely be a dummy to stay with Tristan. His record for cheating beats his NBA records.

  8. I think it was a distraction for Khloe to take off her maternity suit & tend to her surrogate. And i believe Tristan was in on it too, i honestly believe Khloe allows him too cheat.

    1. Damn, you think Khloe faked her pregnancy? lol. I believe that Khloe is going to stay with him. Shes head over heels for him so shell stay and endure the bullshit.

  9. I highly doubt it’s a publicity stunt. They do a lot of shit to up their ratings but I feel she truly loved him and that this was the one, so she wouldn’t use him to try and help boost their ratings. He’s just a dog.

  10. Who gives cares? Pregnant women get cheated on every day and sometimes beat. Plus her vagina mileage is high and third what did she expect from his first child mother. “Oh he won’t do that to me” yea ok…!! This is clearly a pattern..

  11. She ain’t never gonna leave him. She didn’t leave Lamar when he was on drugs and humiliated her publicly so she sure ain’t gonna leave Tristan for cheating on her. She has this stupid ride or die mentality

  12. I agree with what Wendy Williams said. They held that cheating information until she was further along in her pregnancy, because we all know TMZ is on the Kardashian’s payroll. However Kris wants a story released that s what they do. They drag other celebrities through the mud but not the Kardashians.. their stores are all watered down. I see it on blogs on Instagram and everywhere. My thing is that if you’re running a celebrity gossip blog don’t show favorites. Report the tea and keep it moving.. don’t be biased and only report on people you dislike. It makes you lose credibility.

  13. She will play the long suffering ride or die for right now. She needs to get her body right after the baby. By January next year, she will be back and poppin dating yet another black NBA basketball player (surprise, surprise).

    Khloe only dates black ballers. She could possibly go back to French though. He says he misses her. The mom Kris will probably work her contacts to find a man for Khloe. That mother rides for her kids- that’s one thing I will say about her. She will set them with someone. So long as the Kardashians have that fame and wealth and those bodies, black ballers will always want to be associated with them and date them. They become instant household names and are up on TMZ. Not everyone can be a Kobe or Lebron after all.

  14. None of the chicks Tristan was spotted with look anything like Khloe. They all favor Jordy… Everybody has a type, his ain’t Khloe 🙃

  15. she gonna stay, he will have to do it two more times before she leaves. she thinks he is the one and she can make it work. she still has hope, or think she has to stay with the baby daddy.

  16. Some of the comments are just mean regardless if people don’t like her or her family, no woman deserves that. Some of these girls would stay around and put up with that shit from a regular fuck boy for a lot less (i’m not saying she should because he’s an NBA player FYI), i personally think she will and hope she does leave him.

  17. So on Wendy Williams she said something that had me thinking apparently media take out had this footage for awhile like for months. They didn’t put it out until now. So i was thinking because the family is close with these blogs. We seen that on the show when Kim was talking with people from tmz asking them to hold off on reporting that Khloe was pregnant. I was think kris and Kim purposely had them release it now to make him look worse. I’m sure they told them about the footage because they reported to them they knew Khloe was pregnant.

    1. I agree. I feel like they already knew about his antics and held off until they thought was the right time to expose him so he would look worse. He went in and out that hotel room with that chick with no care in the world the girl wasnt even hiding. I find that strange.

  18. Even tho they represent a brand, just sit and think about how they wanted Kourtney to leave Scott and look at the humiliation she endured so the brand don’t count they still will do what they choose to do, so it’s really iffy if she lets that family emotion kick in she’ll stay off that but logically look Kat what he did the 1st and like they say once a cheater always a cheater… But I do feel bad for her cause she’s been wanting this 🤔

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