September 26, 2022

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98 thoughts on “Did Lauren London Sacrifice Nipsey Hussle?

  1. Omg I was thinking it because she’s a private person and than she was seen everywhere and in all pictures with Nipsey and I thought about how you once said something like a person will take a butt load of pics with the person they wanna sacrifice

    1. This guy is reeeereaaaaching Gooood so because lauren is always smiling she has a hidden agenda?naaaah bruh that’s not a reason enough and the atl movie is an okay movie its not like she got a major role and avengers or something 😅

  2. I don’t believe this, but I would like to know if they were married. There’s rumours that they were but TMZ has a death certificate that says Nip was never married. Not sure how reliable the document is tho.

      1. Have your sources confirmed her pregnancy? If she is, she is not the only one….

      2. I swear to god the day of his funeral when i saw her came out with the glasses on I remembered what u said about them and them glasses not showing the eye cause they are a window to the soul and we can see the guilt and deception in them then i was gonna ask about if he was rolled or raised i swear she is cold

    1. I remember reading a lot of comments and they said he was still messing with his bm and cheating on her but who knows

    2. They were never officially married. The last I heard before I heard he died was that they broke up at some point but weren’t necessarily done with each other.

  3. I’m not sure about this one

    I still want to believe this was an ordered hit for Nipsey doing too much positivity in the hood & knowing too much to where yt folks & the police could no longer benefit setting up black ppl for crimes, making money off black ppl & do nothing to improve the streets & arrest the criminals so taking out someone who could be a threat to that would be the easiest in their minds to do

    LL was everywhere until she got pregnant with Wayne’s baby & since then she seemed comfortable being a mom & taking on projects here & there. Time will tell if that’s still the course she takes

    1. No one really knew what an impact or business moves he was making. There’s plenty of people buying back the block and doing positive things. It was jealousy.

  4. Nothing surprises me about anyone anymore, especially after reading all this good sugar on this site. I think some of yall know that Lauren has a TV show coming out this month on BET called “Games People Play”. Ironically I saw the commercial for it like the day after Nip died. And the show looks like it will deal with a murder surrounding an affair. So my Spidey Senses started tingling after that. We shall see what happens.

    1. Right I didn’t want to think like that about her but after relooking at her pics I honestly wouldn’t trust her. I know she loved him but the industry lets be real smh. And not only that ti posted on the same day nipsy died about ATL2

      1. Right! I just looked at that and let’s not forget T.I had a sister that just died as well. I believed he sacrificed her as well.

    2. Damn i seen the commercial to and was like why they showing this now that he died 🤔. Definitely made my senses go oh shit. Now she everywhere being posted ( for understandable reasons) and Atl 2 coming out. Hmmm i need more proof but in 2019 i wouldnt be surprised.

    3. Good observation. I may be reaching but didnt they show the ATL movie on cable the day nipsy died? TI sis dies and then nipsey dies. Isn’t there a ATL 2 coming out? 🤔

  5. Here’s my theory idk something I thought of… Wayne and Lauren known each other for years ok Wayne just paid 14million in taxes and Lauren has a show she’s about to premiere in and ATL2 according to TI and jay supposedly helped Wayne with his taxes and at the roc brunch nipsy was up under jay and diddy so idk something to think about y’all get my drift?!

    1. Yep i said That same thing about Nipsey brings at that brunch thingy…I’m not use to seeing him hanging out with them..i also Said the same thing about him jones and them…I’m not use to seeing them hang out with the “IT” guys either!!! I just Knew something wasn’t adding up wit Nip at the lunch and then pics smh and now this🤦🏽‍♀️🤔

  6. This shit be so dam scary!! I’m glad I’m just a regular chik!!! I just Knew something wasn’t right with those pics!!! I just Knew it smmfh…can’t put shut pass nun of them..and I want to kno bout TI’s like she died and that was it..nuthn was said or anything!! Something wasn’t right with that either..I did not kno that Lauren’s dad is that says ALOT!!! I’m just gonna sit back and wait on her to blow up. BUT Y HAVE A CHILD WITH HIM?????? That is so sad for that man kids…and who is the lil girl from that was on one of his pics??? How many kids did he have in all??? Umma google and see wat comes up.

  7. I’ve been watching some psychic readings on him. They all say the same thing and are pointing to jay z and Giselle. Also G, are the rumors true LL is pregnant again ?

  8. I’m watching it now and will formulate my opinion afterwards. So trust me G, I’ll be back!

    I did want to mention in the meantime, though, that I was a bit concerned when I saw the photo shoot that they did for that magazine. I can’t remember which magazine it was, but there was a lot of symbolisms in that photoshoot. So I’ll hear what he has to say and see if I agree with any of it.

  9. This is a bunch of BS. First of all he was not a black messiah. Secondly, he is hating on a woman because she has a big smile on her face…this man is nut case. So disrespectful. Why post this trash.

    1. Why are you up here? If you don’t like what is being published, just cancel your subscription and move on. Simply.

  10. I’m definitely watching it now and then I’ll be back, but I hope not 🥺…. but then again it’s ironic how in the GQ magazine shoot she was on a pale white horse….

    1. @GradEagle, I completely feel u abt the photos. When I heard he passed the way he did, I thought it was random looking back.. how my first thought was about that photo shoot. White horses never sit well with me…

  11. I don’t think so she has had a show on BET before and let’s be honest that’s no longer making it big being on that channel! Also I read her dad is jewish… so would she even have to do a sacrifice Gina???

    1. Also March 31st was also when ATL came out bit of a coincidence but that may have been the reason the mentions of the sequel!

  12. Mmm okay I see what he’s saying, the whole reasoning with the 31st I can reason with and is just way too coincidental for my liking , the whole arguement about LL always having a smile on her face…cmon now🙄 she’s doesn’t always have a smile on her face and she doesn’t always look happy! For now I reserve my judgement and I will watch what happens next 👀

    1. Also G what is this tea that you have in LL? Please share 👀😂 and does anyone remember that drama between Nipsey/Karen Civil and that scammer blogger Fee/famolous person that got that blog shut down and threats were made etc etc.. just wondering if anyone remembers the specifics👀

      1. I have a feeling Karen Civil was the one who possibly sacrificed Nip. Something about her didn’t seem right at the gathering when she was reading that letter from Barack Obama.. seemed really fake to me how she sniffles as if she was crying ,no tears tho.

  13. Oh lord G say it ain’t so SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️ Come On now Lo-Lo we know good and got damn well you ain’t did this…Please lord Jesus Mary and Joseph if this girl done sacrificed that boy WE THRU WITH HER…BUT I DONT KNOW G RELIABLE SOURCES ARE SAYING HELL TO THE YES EITHER HER OR DJ KHALID DID IT (They got an album or something coming out together)

  14. I know I keep commenting please forgive me y’all are people who really understand this stuff lol but it has to be something up with Lauren I watched a video of toya getting interviewed and they asked her about Lauren and she made a lil face like she couldn’t stand her yeah I know Wayne but it had to be deeper

  15. Just watched the video… If there’s any truth to RFG’s theory about Nipsey’s death being part of a plan to setup a race war; I feel like everyone should stay FAR FAR AWAY from that funeral. It’s too perect of a stage for disaster. Call me paranoid, but I feel anxiety about it!!!

  16. I call BS on this right here. Lauren was goo goo ga ga over nip. If you saw them together in pepers and how protective they were of each other you would know this is bogus. She’s not a great actress to blow up big time anyways

  17. He stated in one of his IG time lines that he was SKEPTICAL of her. So he drops his guard & dies. Crazy 🤯

  18. No. No way. She’s been fine w her career and she even has an interview saying she would rather maintain the way she has been bc of the things this industry may require of you. She’s been private. The latest GQ and his album have all the new press. So stop.

    1. Maybe so but he still has a point. If the police had access to the video right outside the store, then the prosecutor would have told Chris Darden we got the guy on video. Give it up and have him plead guilty. He plead not guilty and theyre going to trial? For what?? To turn it into a media circus? Something is fishy no doubt about it…

  19. I was thinking this… i don’t wanna believe it to be true tho. But she does have a new show coming out soon right ?!

    1. Maybe she doesn’t want to say anything cuz the media gone say awww her tickets ain’t selling so that’s why she trying to post Nipsey and some more bs. She’s in deactivating mode so anything she do or say gone be put against her.

  20. I honestly don’t know. So I am not going to claim one thing or another. But we do know a lot of weird/witchy shit happens with these ppl. Either way may Nipsey rest in peace and IF(and I do mean) some evil person set this up, too have that poor man kill behind politics and career advancement, LORD have mercy on their souls.

  21. This might be the biggest crock of shit I’ve heard and I’m a conspiracy theorist most of the time. I don’t think it’s that. I think it was a hit but not due to the pentagon or his song. What a waste of time watching that bs. Didn’t even sound believable. He might be right about the war but everything else sounds like bs.

  22. Plus, Lauren is not a major name or actress. Her ass at best is C list. Since when does a damn BET show or movie qualify as hitting it big? If her ass was getting an Oscar or getting a major blockbuster, but no. That was the dumbest shit I’ve ever listened to

  23. I’m bout to watch the video after I type this…..

    Lord knowssssss I DONT want to believe it but I will keep it a BUCK 50……

    IT CAME CROSS MY MIND AND I THOUGHT BOUT IT BUT I QUICKLY DISMISSED IT…. And let it go in my mind…… now imma go watch the video…… 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  24. Ok i feel like he is reaching quite a bit with the shit he saying bout Lauren and things he saying in between but then….. WHAT HE IS SAYING IS NOT FAR FETCHED and he said shit that made sense I TRULY BELIEVE NIPSEY WAS ASSASSINATED AND IT WAS A HIT ON HIM and I ALSO FORGOT BOUT NOW REMEMBER THAT FDT SONG ALSO‼️‼️‼️‼️

    This shit makes me sick to my stomach ALL OVER AGAIN 🙄🙄🙄🙄😔😔😔😔……

  25. Hey G, quick question! Do u think he may have staged his own death to get out of the industry without having to make a sacrifice? #QTNA

    1. That’s is an interesting question and I, personally, was looking for someone to say this. We know that is a thing and we see he has been conferring with JayZ. Maybe it was advised that he goes deep underground because of his work and efforts in the Hood. I can honestly believe this and was looking for clues to this notion. His last tweet was cryptic and seemed too on time to what’s happened to him. That dude was not a big enemy and Nipsey spoke on an enemy that was big, but he is a big one if he was sent by the government. Or even used to stage a death.

      I can see Nipsey paying a large amount of money (or Jay) to play chess. Meaning create this diversion so that it is believed that he is gone. Let’s see what comes out.

      I have so much more to say, but I will will wait.

  26. If Nipsey was murdered I somehow don’t believe it was done at the Marathon store on 3-31 as it was reported in the media. I need to see better camera footage. What I did see on video was really strange the men in fire fighter jackets were handling what appeared to be Nipsey strangely his body seemed bigger than his actual body. The lack of blood, the compressions to chest with 5 shots to the torso and the multiple guys surrounding the gurney seemed weird. The witness statements seemed researched and lack real emotion. The entire thing felt like a production set. Where are the other victims? Where were the crime scene investigators? Shell Casings? Where is the other camera footage?

    1. I agree With u…and the compressions to the chest looked fake especially when they was putting him in the ambulance smh that guy wasn’t even pumping Nip like that it was so super fake!!! All these ppl up close the way they were all those diff pentagons no and dam blood..they even act like the firefighters act like they ddnt kno how to work their own equipment…and they also wasn’t in no rush at all to take the other ppl that were allegedly shot to the hospital..neither one of them had no blood…man all of it is mad weird!!!!

      1. Right?!?!? It looked like bad acting. Almost like they didn’t have time to rehearse, and just had to go with it. Also the camera angles and the fact that we have yet to see the shooting from the surrounding stores save for that grainy mess. Also the pumping of the chest looked almost comedic. SMH…

  27. She’s in a new show on b.e.t so I wouldn’t be surprised, but I don’t think she did. I believe Nipsey and his mother and maybe other family members too connected with the ancestors. I believe he knew he was going to die early and I believe his mother knew too which is why she was prepared for his death. Just hearing that he would light sage early morning everyday to get rid of bad energies tells how woke he was and how spiritually in tune he was….

  28. Omg.. This dude is really citing Wikipedia as a legit source of information 🤦🏽‍♀️ He knows there is connection with the numbers, but cannot make the connection 🙄 The clues are everywhere, and he has missed them all.. Smh

  29. I have questions G now that I watched the video. I didn’t know Lauren is half Jewish and if so, I didn’t think they have to do sacrifices like others (u previously mentioned it talking about Drake). Also, can u check into Eric Holder’s dad being friends with Chris Darden (I hear that’s y he took the case).

  30. @Ncaseyoudidn’t know – Hello thank you so much for this coverage. Can you share on what you’ve heard about Lauren in regards to this?

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