July 1, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Now Here Comes The Deflectors

  1. Like my great granny would say , “all jokes have truth in them” just like Gisselle bring up the Illuminati being corny . If so why even mention the shit lol. You notice although it was hundreds of people at the event they only focused on certain celebs with certain outfits ! They put it right in your face and Dare you to ask questions smh

  2. Even the 2nd dude in the video said “I didn’t know if it was gonna end n a giant assparty or they were gonna kill us” n he said “ I dunno I just know we had to get outta there “ that goes to show u it was some sick ass shit going on beyond the cameras

    1. Yeah he looked like he wish he ain’t see any of it then he said I gotta step on a babies finger to get a drink

  3. They are gonna have to answer for this when Jesus comes back. Selling their souls for money and to the devil. Lovely world we live in, smh!!

  4. This is what I been saying for a while now. I go back and forth with someone I’m really close to about what I believe is the truth. I believe in God and in his son CHRIST. So why is it that the industry is always attacking/making fun of or blaspheming against God? Why isn’t it all religions ? Why don’t people in the industry attack Buddha and Krishna and whoever else exists in other religions? They do all of this stuff and people seem to think of it as a coincidence. All of it isn’t a coincidence.

    1. Amen! Exactly like she said, it’s ok to talk about our god & our religion but come to anything else and it’s forbidden, or “how dare we” but yet Christianity can’t be respected, always laughed and mocked & im supposed to respect everyone else but as a Christian can’t receive the same respect? Outrageous! The industry people won’t be laughing when they’re reaping what they sowed.

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