August 15, 2022

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37 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Evelyn Lozada, And Her Daughter Smashing The Same Man

  1. So she got fucked or whatever other sexual favor to introduced to that man’s friend? That’s some real life hoe shit why not just talk to him yourself

  2. I knew Evelyn was a hoe, I didn’t know that she raise her beautiful daughter to be a hoe too. That’s sad. You never hear any bad news about Shaniece on social media.

    1. Yep I also read on LSA that Shaniece was on birth control since a freshman or sophomore in HS. Eve was neglectful. When you look at Shaniece she’s very frigid and robotic and I think it’s because of all the trauma she’s been through. Evelyn don’t give a fuck about her children those tears are guilt filled. Swearing on your sons life knowing you lying AND smashing your kid sloppy seconds lol. But she made it up to her by buying her a luxury car. She said no on BBW because cash was low but since she hooked mommy up with a sucker………..

      1. Yeah cuz Shaniece was 17 saying she’s moving to la once she graduated hs and Evelyn was trying to stop her and she said no I know what I’m doing.

    2. Jackie told yall last season the internet says Ev was raising a build a whore Lol not surprised

  3. So the whole time Jackie was telling the truth when she said “ I heard you raising a build a hoe.” What about the soccer boyfriend?

  4. Dam I ain’t know shanice get down like that so she escorting guess the apple dont fall far from the tree but on the flip side Ev is the 🐐🐐 she got knocked up by carl and she got that bag till her son turn 18 she’s still living comfortably .

  5. I still love Even but this was very awkward, I’m gonna assume see must view her daughter as her “friend” or down right dgaf cause …babyyyy I’d NEVER

  6. Poor Shanice never had a chance to be a decent and respectful young woman with a mother like that.

    Her and her mother will always be for sale if the price is right.

  7. LMDAO even Matt didn’t want that.. and that’s normally the type he likes that looks like her.. That’s sad she never got a chance to be a respectable woman.

  8. Wow. That’s horrible she was or is still escorting for money. I always wonder how they can afford the life they portray on IG. No respectable man is going to wife then.

  9. I went on Evelyn’s IG and there is no mention of Carl and barely anything with her son Leo. I think that baby was a pure paychecks. I dont think there was any type if love or respect.

    1. Which makes you wonder why she was so quick to put it on her son that she supposedly didn’t sleep with Shaunie’s ex

      1. I found that so odd, when she said that.. Knowing full well she was spread eagle for Shaq ugly ass

  10. Wow! Hoes really are running things in the 21st Century….Kim Kardashian Amber Rose Evelyn and her daughter Shaniece……These are the role models little girls are looking up too…..these are the new feminists….Hoes… lol

  11. Gina, I really think you need to vet everybody who is coming on your blog… somebody is a mole here… they are on this blog & stealing your stuff you post here and posting it on LSA under the incog button like a coward… the latest is the post about Giselle & the rituals she participates in…

    On LSA: it’s under the Conspiracy Alley section & titled “the rituals of Beyoncé/ MK Ultra”

    1. They are literally taking your layout & title and posting it on there… that’s how I knew it was from here…

    2. My goodness….why ruin it for the honest folks who appreciate G & her team’s hard work! Just low down….

  12. Can you tell us why sir carter had to be rushed to the hospital… thatssobeyonce ig pg said that he had an anxiety attack…and he’s only 1.

  13. Ok but I always wanted the tea on Jackie’s daughter Chantel. She went from player to player until she found an overseas one and got knocked up. From what I’ve seen and heard though, Jackie is taking care of the baby and not him.

    1. You can tell she is the way she was acting and chantel and Shaniece might of made a move together or have some of the same friends I feel like chantel a slight build a hoe too

  14. This is so trifling. Was hoping the daughter wouldn’t be a mess but with a mother like Svelyn, what else could she be? G. Where’s that Sanaa and Denzel sugar?

  15. Never liked evelyn from the beginning. Too many rumors. She’s a mean spirited person. Carrying around all that negative energy from all those men she done fucked & sucked. Terrible

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