August 15, 2022

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24 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Marjorie Harvey, Steve Harvey and Kris Jenner Situation – Part 1

      1. Yeah I heard their marriage was illegal since steve forged his ex wife’s (Mary) signature. Is that what you’re referencing

  1. Chiiillle! I had heard the rumors of her drug dealing men. I see it is true 😂😂🍵🍵*settles in for part 2*.

  2. Welllllllllll……….Her nickname is Lady Herion. Yes, she did married two second cousins. One cousin she got one kid from and the other cousin she got two kids from. Steve and Marjorie ARE NOT LEGALLY MARRIED! Yep, she messed with Big Boom. In fact, Steve made Majorie get rid of the mattress that her and Big Boom was sleeping on. Yes, she still in contact with Jimmy. In fact and I am G mentioned it,. Remember that photo that Steve and Marjorie took with The Obama’s? It was that visit is where Steve and Marjorie got Jimmy pardoned. Jimmy is home in Memphis as we speak! His cousin is still locked up. Everything G is posting is 100 percent TRUE! I can back G up on this one.

    1. Damn you left me shooketh!!!!!!! She used her husband to get the president to release her ex husband. She must got some good 😺 or some real dirt on Steve, like Bernie’s Death 🤔😞

  3. I’m glad his wife was petty and didn’t sign the papers but isn’t their another way especially if you have money to get them to do it?

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