October 5, 2022

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61 thoughts on “Word Has It Article #14

  1. Now what if Stormi gets sick or hurt and he got his phone off? He is going to regret doing that one time, and that one time will fuck his ass up for the rest of his life.

    1. From what I was told it is his child but he just wants to lock Kylie down he is not used to gettin this much attention from women in school he was an outcast

      1. G do you really think it is….. cause when she showed that pic of stormi as a newborn she actually looks about 3 -4 months …… I really think she had her early Jan or late dec .

      2. Trust me. Travis would not claim a child that was not his. Who wants to be stuck paying child support for a child that is not his? I know I don’t know any men that want to. If that is not his child we will probably never find out. If that was Tyga’s you know good and damn well he would have been taken a test and claimed it. She didn’t have it in December she was still walking around swollen. Even if she had the baby early she may have not told anyone because that would prove ( what I been saying along) SHe was cheating on Tyga with Travis. The moment Kylie found out Tyga was cheating on her with Demi Rose she started seeing Travis. So, it is possible she had the baby early but I don’t think that is anyone else’s baby cause those other 2 men would have come running for a trap baby. Just my opinion

      3. I could imagine cuz he’s funny looking and now that he has money p**sy is being thrown at him

      4. But what if her mother is paying Travis to say he is the dad? What if he got a lump sum and a promise to boost his career to say he was the dad to avoid embarassament of it being Tyga’s ot that cute security guards’s baby? lolol

  2. I actually really like Kylie. She minds her business and her BUSINESS and doesn’t bother anyone. Why cheat on her?? smh. Just let her go and be single. Why is that so hard?!

  3. You know he didn’t buy no house with Kylie. He’s not swimming in that kind of money yet! She bought that whole house by herself. I hope she didn’t put his name on the deeds…He had a plan for that girl from the very beginning, and it was to get her pregnant. And has u said, “Lock her down” he hit the jackpot with her…

  4. I like how you did that G!! Why is it the men who weren’t getting attention in high school get stupid once they get someone as pretty as Kylie??

  5. I guess I’m the only one surprised. I didn’t really know anything about Travis and he seems quiet. I did hear one thing but wasn’t sure if it was true. Did her friend Justine sky date him first

  6. I’m sorry…I still can’t see this working out for them… Buying a house is even bigger step than having a baby in 4 months of dating… This is relationship moving like Kanye workout plan.. Going fast but it will be over soon.

  7. He was never faithful. Has a fetish for strippers. Everything they do is a photo opportunity to save their brand. Every picture of them seem forced. I’m still surprised the baby is his considering she was still with Tyga. I believe that baby is older than put out. But I’m sure years from now the truth will be revealed.

    1. We will see. As far as their brand goes I am even shocked that she had a kid at this junction of her life and Travis? Umm I definitely would not pick him to protect my brand. he is ugly as fuck . If that kid is not Travis then trust me we will never find out that deal has been signed and sealed and full of NDA if whoever is the father took the money. I know for a fact if it was Tyga’s that nigga would have come running back especially after that Forbes cover

      1. Lol, G said that dude is ugly as fuck. Travis is very unattractive and it still surprise me what Kylie see’s in him? Damn… SMH

      2. Seems like pregnancy was unexpected but they trying to make the best of it. I think they paid Tyga off for his silence. But who knows. Travis is ugly for sure.😂

  8. I do not think she’s Travis’s daughter, if that’s the case, I’d have a little melanin. The baby looks Asian and Tyga’s mother is. Travis is ugly like shit I do not know how Justine Sky could walk with him

    1. #1 Baby’s are rarely ugly #2 If that was Tyga’s baby he would have taken a test and came running back to claim that child so he could be attached to Kylie. Furthermore, if it isn’t we will never know. as far as the melanin goes not true at all. My Uncle is dark and his wife is white and it took my little cousin 5 years before her skin tone changed

  9. When I seen they brought a home that popped in my mind first. You know I’ve always wondered about their relationship ..does Jordan still live with them ? They give me polyamorous vibes . Not to be confused with polygamy lol 🤔

  10. He reminds me of ASAP Rocky alot. He s very open about what he does sexually and Travis gives off the same vibe. Not shocking.

    1. He does,As a matter of fact when Kendall was seeing Asap and Jordan Clarkson lol one night she was caught in London about 3am in the morning coming out of the studio with Travis looking all frazzled, I thought he was Asap lol

  11. I think they arent really in love like that…. her and Jordyn friendship seems a little Gayle & Oprah like 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  12. Yes I read the blind talking about these two a couple weeks ago. It’s crazy how they try protray they are this happy couple. When in reality it’s far from the truth. All that glitters isn’t gold ladies. They try to make it seem that they are so in love especially with the birth of their baby girl. Please he was treating Kylie like gum stuck on the bottom of his shoe wen she was pregnant. Mama Jenner tries to push PR especially those who are on her payroll to say “Oh they are secretly engaged” “They are trying for baby number two “. You can batalanty tell he doesn’t feel him the way she does. To be honest, I think she’s over him too and is trying to keep up the image. He used and still is to boost himself up in the music industry. Let’s call a spade a spade it was a night one stand that ended up bonding them for life. So next time these rich people make you feel some type of way of how they are “ relationship goals” most of the time it’s completely the opposite.

      1. 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀 that’s what I’m saying HE SO DAMN UGLY why would he even THINK to even cheat on Kylie fine ass! I know that’s the best thing ever happen to him LMAO!

  13. So whisper report is spilling all the 🍵 you post on here!!! Just seen this on their page but i knew that came from you cuz i seen it here first!!!

  14. I fux w/Kylie heavy. She’s the non-problematic Jen-Dash crew who gets her money and minds her business. If he is dumb enough to let her go she has nothing but funds and opportunity to find another. Do you Ky!

  15. He looks like one of them type of men anyways G. Who wasn’t a looker so he never got attention especially from pretty girls. Now he has money and fame they flock. Young men usually can’t really handle that.

  16. I used to go to same salon as one of Kylie’s close friends and they said he been cheating on her. Especially at the beginning of her pregnancy. Part of why she kept it hidden.

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