July 6, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Word Has it Wednesdays

  1. Lenny Kravitz is the original mr steal your girl lol not surprised he also was attracted to Aaliyah. He plagues me as the type to be drawn to a woman’s aura and energy.

    Idk who that other dude is that took Lenny plane but Lets be honest I’m sure a part of him is relieved he did cause that could’ve been him losing his life instead. Of course he probably is sad it was Aaliyah like we all were but you know a part of him is secretly like at least it wasn’t me but he’ll never say it out loud.

    Unless that man had nothing to do with Aaliyah and her last video shoot and was just some guy who ended up borrowing Lenny plane at the wrong time of course.

  2. The bald guy is Hype Williams the video/music director. He directed a bunch of videos, including rock the boat and the movie Belly

  3. Listen..Lenny can steal me away if he wants… I would not have a problem dropping my dude for him… as long as he’s “clean”

  4. Off topic but isn’t it sad about Gregg Leakes??? I know he had been battling cancer butttttt does anybody think Nene sacrificed him??? Don’t jump down my throat, I’m just asking.

    1. I think that…. What was strange to me was that she was in the club when she told people… why you wasnt at home with him… just crazy

      1. Right, i was Like wtf because as far as i know nobody knew he was transitioning until she said that shit at the lounge..shit the last time i thought they said he was cancer free so wth

      2. Well to be fair, that “club” is actually her place of business which happens to be a lounge. Just saying. 🙂

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