October 4, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Word Has It Blind Reveals From 8/15/19

  1. @8143: Huh?? Nicki gave someone an organ?? I thought that was about Francia & Selena Gomez? Is this an error??

  2. The last one was about Nicki? She gave someone an organ or was given an organ? That doesn’t sound right. We need more details cause now I’m interested.

    1. Rite, like not 1 person guessed that. I never Heard anything about it. Anxious to kno who she gave an organ to or vice versa.

  3. Nicki or Selena cause Nicki hasn’t given or received an organ but Selena has and the person she got it from has been complaining about her

  4. We missing #8144. Whos the A+ mogul/entrepreneur doing yacht things with other billionaires…. this shit getting GOOD

  5. I think it is safe to say, you are going to have to give details on Nicki and the donated organ lol. No one saw that coming 😂.

    JLO just need to drop this engagement. Too much drama. Find you a boo and just be happy. Why does it always have to end in marriage for her? I mean if she was never married I might think differently, but hunni you have said “I do” 3 times! At this point just get a great loving companion and raise your kids.

  6. The last one can’t be nicki. People have been reporting that Selena and her friend aren’t cool anymore because Selena continued to do the things that got her sick in the first place

  7. We NEED more information regarding Nicki and the donated organs? Did she donated? Which organ did she donated? Did she received the donated organ? What???? 🤔

    This one, is the most surprised I have been on a blind item in a while.

  8. Just read an article on Variety that Rihanna is honoring Shaun King at the Diamond Ball. The same one that just spoke against Jay-Z….

    Message received.


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