August 15, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Word Has It Article #2

  1. Whew chileee I wonder is it just women or other men, a mixture hmmm…..also not trying to be messy I hope Mel B ain’t on the “tape” 🙊🙈

  2. i want this to get leaked so bad lmao this man is going crazy recently I’m sextape now???? when you have kids and all? he didn’t do shit in his twenty/thirties and always managed to keep everything on the low and now everything he does is coming out I mean wtf, Vb better divorce him before it gets leaked cause shit is going to get ugly

  3. He is sexy as hell but who are his tape co stars? I’m assuming one is chantel Jeffries and the other? Please let it be a black woman haha

  4. He so fuckin fine ugh I wish I could participate that’s if Victoria gives the blessing. If she isn’t involved then I don’t condone.

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