July 6, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Word Has It 8/5/2021

  1. Wouldn’t shock me if he had to do some things with lil Nas. He was getting a lot of pop popularity and attention in general I just knew he had to do some rituals, and they love to make the hood dudes give up the cookies to break them.

    Poor thing was probably lashing out about having to do rituals with a man and was just angry he gave up his manhood for a bag. Can’t even pull the “but i was forced to do it so I ain’t really gay” card cause hood dudes be the main ones saying if a man even switches his hip once he’s the F word.

  2. I don’t believe it. Da Baby is not gay at all. The first thing they do to smear any black man with a strong opinion against their lifestyle and agenda is say they’re gay or make them do gay PR support. So now they’re gonna lie and slander him with this fake ass butt buddy story with Lil Nas X to humiliate him cause Jay mad he bought Tory out after Meg.

  3. I don’t believe da baby is gay😤 they probably made him do a ritual or asked him to do a ritual with a man or something and he got pissed off about it and said some unnecessary stuff but I don’t think he is gay. Some people are saying that something happened behind the stage that’s why he made the HIV comment but idk how true this is

    1. I’m thinking something along those lines because it all so random, and unprovoked and then he seemed quite perturbed.

  4. Da Baby isnt gay they just trying to teach a lesson and its backfiring. Industry gotta understand real killers reside here. He probably threatened that boys life and meant it. Boosie another one that gonna put one under. We are tired of switching up music, Kehlani!!! Im singing to men and women in the same song! Im rocking w DaBaby like the republicans rock w Trump. We dont have to be so nice – either! People need to be able to be talked about. This whole u cant say nothing about me world – untrue. Setting these kids up for meth and no coping skills. Its the truth.

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