October 2, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Presents Behind The Scenes The Faith and B.I.G Lifetime Story

  1. Let me go watch this cause i always wondered if Faith really slept with Pac…I kno i would’ve back then & now if he was alive🥴

  2. Mary J was Holding Lil Kim up at the Funeral as if she was the grieving widow like WTF?! They have Faith NO respect!!

    1. Who knows what big told Kim and how he manipulated her. I mean he did get her pregnant and that is traumatic to deal with. Faith was the public relationship for an image probably.

  3. Biggie manipulated all of the women in his life. Kim was madly in love with him and he knew it and knew she wasnt gonna go anywhere..she was his ride or die. Faith was his “Superstar” the image. He loved her and he liked the image that she gave him. Charlie was just another seat filler to warm his bed after Faith left, I think. I think he liked having a woman with a certain look on his arm publicly…but he was always gonna go back to Kim as his woman on the side. That’s sad as hell for all of the women involved and was selfish asf.

    Watching the doc…I think Faith FINALLY admitted that Pac did her dirty in that hotel room. She didnt sleep with him, but he played her and made her feel like shyt about herself, and that had to have really hurt. No wonder she wanted to keep that to herself.

  4. I want to know if Mary & Faith are now cool.

    Now Faith has to know doing anything with Pac from hanging out together, music, etc would raise eyebrows. Biggie damn sure wasn’t a saint by NO MEANS, but she knew any association with Pac during that time would hurt him in a very public way. The way she would catch Big slipping, Faith knew what she was doing.

  5. Even if she never slept with Biggie, she HAD to know there would be repercussions/backlash from hanging with Pac. I’m sure Biggie did equal if not worse dirt to her before hand and that was her motivation for kicking it with Pac. Most people won’t believe her because Pac said he hit, Biggie insinuated that Pac hit, and all kinds of eye witnesses came out the woodwork saying they saw them looking too close. And in that pic of her and Pac in that nightclub she was looking real “comfortable” with Pac. This will forever be a questionable stain on her history with those two.

  6. Gene Deal (Diddy former) bodyguard said the last indepth convo he had with Big, big started “Kim is my bitch, he loves Faith, but Charli Bmore was his

    OAN: Rayj did an interviewing saying he saw Faith sitting on Pac’s lap…Faith i think just doesn’t wanna hurt Big Legacy

  7. I need to dig into this show. It’s soooo much drama with that whole entire thing. Big was playing all of them and didn’t care who got hurt. It’s toooo much for my soul to deal with !!! Faith was the one he married though.

  8. Kim was hurt and had every right to be but Biggie made Faith his wife and she couldn’t do nothing about it. Big fucked over Kim with all the groupies and whoever else he wanted to sleep with. Faith had her own success that’s why she backed away when Big was living his best life. I don’t think Faith slept with Pac, she had too much love for Big to play him like that. I do feel like him and Faith would’ve have eventually gotten back together of he wouldn’t have passed. They still had major love for each other and they never divorced.

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