May 17, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Kim Kardashian, Kanye and Pete Davidson

  1. Kim loves herself a mental case… cuz this guy has them…& Kanye can be crazy but he is a creative genius.

    1. Right. Pete’s dad died during 9/11 so I know he’s probably still got issues with that. And plus he just seems like a lot.

    1. Travis is probably shaking in his boots now. And let’s see if the witches (karjenners) stick with him. He’s getting sued. Lawsuits will be coming from every which way. I’m sure he is talking to his lawyer now and putting a team together to protect himself. He is the face of the festival and will be the face of this tragedy and the fallout.

  2. Kanye is going to be discarded like yesterday’s trash by those witches. He deserves it. They will lift Pete (who has Jewish lineage) and he will be favored over manic Ye who is still a nigga to the entertainment industry.

  3. Speaking of Travis… can we get some intel on that shitshow of a festival that happened last night? Like I’ve been scrolling through and had to stop because that energy is heavy and sad AF. Like WTF. It’s more than 8 people dead cause what I’ve seen looks like HELL.

  4. Like couldn’t she get a billionaire to give her some PDA? Lol a mess, she’s so jealous of Kourtneys spotlight right now .

  5. Kim just wants to have fun and I heard Pete is very well endowed and stays true to who he is and that’s why he pulls so many baddies.

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