October 4, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Running Off At The Mouth

  1. I thought Hollywood wasn’t on good terms with Charlize Theron? Maybe I was mistaken. All that’s gonna do is further push that narrative that MBJ don’t like black women and women are gonna continue to give him the blues.

    Elites want Millie smashing at a young age but have an issue with it being black guys will always be so hypocritical, sick, and some more stuff. I can see people making jokes involving drake if they knew she liked black guys too.

    Envy and Charlamagne poking each other in the chops yuck! I don’t know how Angela yee holds her tongue, I would’ve been seeing red and exposing everything!

  2. Charlize is a weirdo. She’s the one making her little boy into a girl by force. Where the fuck is CPS? MBJ has never done it for me, not in acting or his looks.

    The Elites and children truly scare me, Millie already has his attitude she’s better than the rest of her castmates. Being a sex slave is going to mess her entire mindset up and it saddens me

    Heavy D was so handsome, wonder when did that happen.

    Not an Oprah fan but, I think she and Gayle should come out if they’re together. She would inspire other Black Queer Women who are hiding and should be themselves.

    I really thought I’d never see Brad and Jen together again. He’s been looking REAL good lately

    So can anyone to Dubai without it being a ritual? Like us everyday people?

    1. I knew a Regular shmegular black lady that worked for ACS/CPS who went to Dubai on “vacation.” Two weeks later she was deathly ill literally in the hospital. I don’t know wtf happened to her.

    2. Yes everyday people can go to Dubai without all the extra stuff. I know from personal experience…went for two weeks. However Dubai for celebs and IG models is a different experience than it is for regular people. They go over there specifically for yachting (tricking) lol!

      To be honest while I was in Dubai and tagging my location in my pics I did get DM’s from men in Dubai, but I did not respond. Im guessing they know what goes down and figure maybe regular women want to get in on the fun and make some extra cash while over there lol! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Faith annoys me… don’t people know that what you do in the dark eventually comes to light?

    Charlamange makes me 🤢

    1. I liked how open and real Faith was on this documentary she did on BET Her a few years ago. So I’m surprised that she’s dancing around some of these topics now when clearly the streets know what happened. This Heavy D sugar is news to me tho!

  4. Can somebody explain the Heavy D and Faith situation. Also the surgery.

    Hard to tell what they’re saying…

    1. If I understand correctly, Heavy was able to find out how talented Faith is so fast because she was smashing her.

      The surgeries. They are saying that a lot of these celebs do so many rituals that a lot of them are driven crazy and think by having a bunch of surgeries it will give them a “new” body and they won’t have all the germs from the old ritualized body.

  5. No one is surprised @ctg and envy. I don’t care for Charlize cause of the boy.Wonder if Millie & Caleb smashed.

  6. 😱😱😱 Carla girl & envy fucked??? !!! 😳😳😬😬😖😖😖 yo wtf!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤢 Yea envy looked a tad too happy showing all 32s when he was pulling out the ass mold & didn’t stop when he noticed balls attached so that was majorly sus, but damn I can’t see them hunching!!! 🤮🤮 eel! Still fucken round in his wife but wit men! Trife

    & what’s the Dubai cardi treatment? Same shit as all tho how’s going there, shitted & R Kelly’d On??? 😩😆😆😆🤦🏾‍♀️ Bruh

  7. The whole breakfast club make me sick🙄 and i thought The City Girls was already down. How Caresha man gonna handle her getting fucked by other ppl if she’s gonna be down🤔 Faith just look so old to me and talk with that raspy smoking voice and i hate It! Ashanti trying so hard i guess.

  8. I knew it that Charlamagne and Envy banged at least once before. I listen in the mornings sometimes and that’s not ordinary banter. They secretly been together! Chileeeeee

  9. Gwyneth is a f’n rich weirdo. $75 for a candle that she labeled as smelling like her vagina??? And it sold out??!!! This world is strange…

    I really hope Millie ain’t out there doing the do, but teenagers nowadays whether in Hollywood or not are out here getting dirty early. So sad!!!

    Michael B Jordan and Charlize? That don’t even sound right.

    I wonder if we’ll ever seen Angelina with anybody else. When you compare Angelina now to how she was in her early days, it’s like she morphed into a whole nother person.

    City Girls need to be careful. I can imagine the industry trying to split them in the future or take one of them “out”. I don’t know why, I just have a bad feeling about their future.

    1. I see Jt taking off but caresha aint want to rap anyway so she just needs to back out lol fr fr and she just had a babygirl smh

      1. That whole scandal with JT allegedly snorting the booga shuga made me scared for her. It’s like the scene is being setup for something bad to happen in the future. The music industry loves a good trainwreck.

  10. I knew that replica Charlamagne gave Envy meant something. Some kind of weird ritual. Maybe humiliation because it was being filmed as he took out the box.

    Charlie and Michael B. I don’t know what to say about this lol. Mike probably doesn’t know either 😂.

    I still can’t believe Gwyneth sold out of that candle. What kinda weird 💩 is that. Chics need candles to know what their coochies smell like 😕😖.

  11. I read mostly and not comment but BRUH, Envy and Charla??? I AIN’T trying to believe that lol… but Envy played that ‘gift’ a little too cool though 😬

  12. I saw that video of Envy and Charlamagay…I can believe it!! And Charlize and MBJ 🤮🤮. And why Ashanti!!!!! Smh this shit is crazy, weird, and sick!

  13. I can’t remember if we talked about lil mama but nvm jay z black balled her but is it more to her story we don’t know?

  14. MBJ is not sexy to me at all. He looks like his breath stinks for some odd reason. Why would they put him and Charlize together. They looks so weird together
    Envy and Charlagay- I find it hard to believe honestly..I need more proof than that

  15. Michael b Jordon and charlize? Nah, she let her son become a daughter. I trust that bi*ch. He better not.

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