October 6, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Megan Thee Stallion Cardi B, Saweetie

  1. Drake needs to stop being ashamed because compare to his fellow rappers almost all of their baby mothers are trash and carry on online. And i dont think it has anything to do with what she use to do in the past, i think he don’t wanna pop out with her because we all know black women will have a problem and highlight even more that he had a kid with a non black woman. And Megan is tired everything with her is tired including that praying mantis she is with such a try hard, i can definitely see him dissing tory online so black women can pat him on the back to say “Look how he’s protecting her, protect black women” yawn so predictable.

    1. I could be wrong, but it feels like the person Meg is dating is using her for the exposure…”clout” it feels disingenuous 😕

      1. My exact thoughts! Definitely a industry relationship but he’s using her to make himself a bigger name

  2. No lie he’s definitely cleaned her up and she is looking good but he’s not wifing her I’m sorry. Drake is drake he feels Jay Z status he wants a Beyoncé and isn’t his bm asap’s old fling? And ASAP is now with Rih, ugh yeah no way drakes ego would let that happen.

  3. Drake isnt coming out w Sophie bc the day he does, Rihanna is gone and that got hope. I actually think Rihanna gonna buckle bc Asap gonna do something to hurt her. And Drake is just waiting. Like he was when she was with Travis.

  4. This was good G! For some reason I wasn’t really feeling Meg like that I agree I think Meg is tired she had a good run though. Travis should be upset Kylie was at the studio with her ex. And is stormi really Travis or Tygas? I don’t think Rih will give Drake another chance but I think ASAP will end up hurting her as well. I believe Quavo really loved saweetie but these young rappers hard for them to stay faithful with money and women everywhere

  5. I’m so over Meg…she so blah…I had high hopes for her when her first mixtape drop but I have seen no hope…Nick and Saweetie would be a great vibe to me…as far as Drake I don’t see him settling down with the BM because he’s not in love with her…yea he loves her because of the son, but that is by default. If and when he settles down, it’s gone be with a woman he’s head over heels for.

  6. I’m over Megan as she’s a one trick pony. Her flow never changes. Azalea may be crazy but even a broken clock is right twice a day. She called it on Travis. My son just said the other day that what happened to Travis and the Jack boys…now we know. I could be wrong but I see Kylie eventually getting back with Tyga. I think she’s been wanting him back but perhaps he’s content with thotting in peace, collecting his lipkit residuals, and staying off TMZ. Drake…well he chose his baby momma so live with it. Kanye…I would say Candance or Tomi are better fits but we know that won’t happen. Amber and AE still seem to be going strong for now so IDK. I’m just waiting for Kim and Van Jones to go public…lol.

  7. Drake not ashamed of her he ashamed of his actions. Be mad all you want Wendy was right you knew exactly who she was when you laid with her. He will never want her, and that’s gone always cause conflicts and issues. He gone Ciara her when he really find someone whom want be Rihanna either. Mark my words. Now with Travis that’s actually quite sad, I never took him as someone with an addiction. I won’t judge because I know the feeling of having a parent who’s a drug addicted, I just pray he gets clean for his daughter. I understand why Kylie being protective though. I hope it’s no bs like it’s actually not his daughter, that would definitely hurt. But if it was a black women that baby would have been tested from the womb, so that’s on him too.

  8. I am over this Meh situation. Poor be gone.

    I could totally see Quavo lying on Saweetie or something to that effect. He gives messy, bruised ego vibes.

    I don’t know why people continue to push the Drake should marry Sophie idea. The 2 never had a real relationship. There was never no real love/like there. So why would he marry her? Because they had a kid? Like those types of relationships ever go right/last. He probably is ashamed. But if he only sees her as a co parent and nothing else so be it. That train of thought is so 1930s shotgun wedding. You knocked her up, but you don’t want her. But you better marry her lol.

    Sooooo Travis is on this junkie vibe. Let’s see how that plays out.

  9. I hope saweetie and nicki collab…then nicki would have collabed with all her son’s. Collect em like Thanos lol

  10. So convient with these Kardashians and Jenners once they get what they want (the children) they no longer need the man and something crazy happens and they divorce shortly after… does anyone else notice this or is it just me???

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