May 17, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes 10/16/2021

  1. Yep, that is what I expect that people will call Chloe out being Beyonce. That is why Normani spoke up about the Beyonce comparison. Beyonce’s can overshadow one’s careers. Chloe presents herself like a mini Beyonce. It is too much like Beyoncé. Beyonce is Beyoncé, Chloe needs to be more of Chloe, like Halle has her own style. Plus, Chloe is always sexy, that is too much sometimes. I feel like Hallie is evolving into the style that she and Chloe had when they was a duo, and Chloe is basically like a knockoff Beyonce (not to be mean). I think Chloe needs some rebranding herself because her current style can work against her in the future. Chloe is continuing Beyonce’s legacy, but she may not have one.

    1. 100% agree! I Think she has emulated Beyonce so much in her career that she doesn’t even realize that she is Doing it… She just thinks it’s her natural performance… But it’s actually just her growing up imitating Beyoncé in the mirror. She has a talent all on her own and I wish she would break out from that

      1. It is that Sasha Fierce demonic spirit in her. That spirit is so tied to Beyonce, that the spirit brings out the essence of Beyonce. That spirit overshadows the Chloe’s human side.

      2. Chloe knows what she’s doing she has a team of people to also help, this makes people talk about chloe. I’m not fooled at all, b will come out at the right time to make sure her beehive supports her single. Chloe uses sex because she’s uninteresting in everything else

  2. Chloe is a cancer. Cancers tend to emulate their strongest influence. She’s definitely got IT, she just needs to let her IT show & take the wisdom Beyoncé gave her to let HER personality shine through. Beyonce is a bomb ass entertainer but Chloe voice is better. Once Chloe & not Beyonce protégé shines through, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Halle is an Aries. She’s naturally confident, sexy & spicy. She’s always gon ride for her sis because she’s not insecure or jealous. They’re a duo that can really take the top as long as they stick to originality.

    Da Baby never wanted a baby with Dani. He just wanted to fuck. He knew Dani was a sucka & gopher for him. He overplayed his hand & it backfired. He’s not a deadbeat. He’s gonna be involved in their baby’s life but Dani can beat her feet. Da Baby really does love Meme. He’s just young and indulging in that celebrity lifestyle. Meme knows that which is why she trips on him to a point. She’s smart & dumb at the same time.

    Nicki’s a Sag. She loves men who have a lil hood in them & who love her for her.. not for her money. She loves men who cater to her emotions. It allows her to breath. She’ll never be controlled which is why she doesn’t let anyone dictate her love life. She really loves Kenny but his past is stopping bags that she’s used to having on lock. She wants to keep her family together but his legal troubles are too much. People expose every detail about him to get to her. It’s a lot on her. She wants a happy family life for their son. She knows she’s going to have to make a choice & very soon.

  3. I get why ppl compare Chloe to Beyoncé but I don’t think she’s trying to be like her. She’s just being herself but ppl can’t separate her from being Beyoncé’s protege. Performance wise SHes similar to Beyoncé in some ways but just my opinion she’s more talented. She writes and produces her own music, something Beyoncé doesn’t do she just takes credit for it lol. I’m glad Halle is riding for her sister because I feel like Chloe gets so much hate for no reason.

    1. It is that Sasha Fierce demonic spirit in her. That spirit is so tied to Beyonce, that the spirit brings out the essence of Beyonce. That spirit overshadows the Chloe’s human side.

  4. I liked Chloe better when her & Halle were trying to do their own thing before it was obvious Beyoncé decided to groom Chloe once she finally realized she was being phased out of the industry

    She IS basically a Beyoncé clone now & until Chloe does “her own thing” ppl will continue to call out the drastic change in the direction of her image, sound & performances that’s identical to when Beyoncé went solo

    Also the obvious guaranteed performances & appearances everywhere just like Beyoncé & other R&B girls careers were sabotaged just like what is happening w/Normani to prop up Chloe

    This “there only can be 1” mentality in the black community is very annoying meanwhile the pop acts don’t subscribe to that nonsense & see that everyone can win & make some money

    So yeah the comparisons aren’t coming out of nowhere no matter what Beyoncé says. There’s too many receipts of everything unfolding the exact same way it did for her

  5. Chloe is very talented, but her movements and gestures of late mimics Beyoncé, that’s why comparison are being generated . The Dani and Da Baby tea is confusing, I thought they seeing each other on the low, but taking it slow. Dani seemed more into Da Baby, than he was into her, that he was tricked by Dani sh*t is BS, this his third child. I hope Dani just co-parent and move on. I think Nicki wanted a guy who’ll make her feel protected. I think she felt vulnerable during her time with Meek and Nas(isn’t during the hate train started?). I hope his past doesn’t take her down in the process.

  6. But wasn’t that the whole point of why Beyonce pushed that girl(Chole) to look like her knock off? She wants her to be successful and feels the only way she can be is to be her. And Chole is supposed to be Beyonce ‘s replacement. So Chole was made to look similar. The delusions these folks have. If, Beyonce wanted Chole to be Chole she wouldn’t have marketed her the way she did. They know exactly what they are doing. These people lie so much I wonder how they know what day of the week it is.

    Danileigh should have been heavy on her B.C. why the hell would want a man like Dababy to father your child? Now you got a child by a man you don’t even really speak to. I swear people really be out here living in stupidity.

  7. What does the Nicki part even mean? You need to write the story better, are you talking on the predator she’s with it bia?

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