May 22, 2022

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59 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Why Da Brat Will Never Truly Like This Black Hollywood Star

  1. I always thought her and group member Pam had something going on because of the way they’d be all on each other in interviews and stuff. The other member used to be side eying and making sure she wasn’t sitting very close to them. My sister and I used be like what is going on with them!? lol

  2. I do remember omar Epps and Keisha breaking up and him getting with Sana’a, but had no clue about the brat and Keisha. Also I thought Keisha and Pam (from Total) messed around too, at least that was the word in the street.

  3. Lol this is a common situation for lesbian women frfr !!! I just don’t understand why full blown lesbians always wanna date women who are still on the fence! Don’t get me wrong nothing wrong with being bi but it’s definitely something wrong with playing with people’s feelings….

  4. I was wondering when this story was finally going to be told. I wasn’t a big fan of Da Brat… but I loved and still love Total. The big question is why did Total break up?

  5. When the talk was about a famous lesbian and a member of total i always assumed it was missy since worked with them: come to find out it was da brat! Wow

  6. Keshia always struck me as real rough around the edges and hood as hell. Omar definitely stepped that all the way up! And she and Pam were definitely looking comfy in many videos. Omar saw who was really down for him though and she is definitely the winner! She is stunning and has definitely matured.

  7. Hmmm in between that time when did Keisha get with Andre 3000? I remember hearing he was heartbroken behind her

  8. Pam always gave me lesbian vibes so they probably was messing around. Why the Da Brat never came out the closet?!

  9. But how da brat gone get mad because she went back to her bf nobody tell you to fall for a first time carpet muncher. You know how some females get after they man do them.

  10. I remember hearing about these 2 but I never knew the time frame. Didn’t know she was holding Da Brat down though.

  11. I always thought Pam was the one who was into girls lol. Anywho, I think we all knew or at least had a idea that Brat was either bisexual or a lesbian. It is just nice to hear about one of her actually women.

  12. Thanks for posting this, I’ve been randomly tagging the Instagram PG asking for tea on Kisha, Sanaa and Omar relationship.

  13. “Along came a spider” though LOL. All these and I really thought Brat was just playing the tomboy role, not really in THAT life. Keisha from Total huh, wow.

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