October 2, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Repost From IG Season 5 The Truth Behind What Really Happen With Jay-z and R kelly

  1. Chicago negros are the worst. They act like women, they are the biggest haters, and gossip more than chicks. They are the Worst! Jeremiah is also from Chicago and you see how he was acting during the tour with Teyana Taylor and the other tour he had with Party next door smh.

  2. This is straight facts! I was at the NYC show and I will never forget it. It was pure mayhem. Nobody knew what was going on with Kelz! His performance or lack thereof was unreal! I remember Jay Z killed his set, an ended the show and went to Hot 97 and the other top station at the time and went on a tirade. He said Kelly was a Diva and a jealous b*tch and his set was pure trash! He was livid. Jay promised Kelz could never perform in his city again. It was so dramatic and traumatic and it was playing out for the world to see. Being from NYC I was riding with the home team. If the sex scandal wasn’t enough, kelz behavior at that show turned me off forever! A true moment in R and B/Hip Hop history. Kelz career ain’t been right since…

  3. I love Chicago, I call that home and I ride w/ mine however right is right and wrong is wrong and it just seem like Kelz brought that all on himself. I mean what was his issue really?! From reading that I feel like Jay was really trying to collaborate and if that’s not what Kelz wanted to do, he should have said so from jump 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. I will never understand how these celebs let their childish egos ruin things. Its all so catty&stupid. they have opportunities of a life time&just can’t seem to get it together. So dumb

  5. Lmfaooooo Robert diva self f’d up a good thing. Cause every song they put out together was pure fire. Damn shame

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