September 29, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Flava in Your Ear Remix By Craig Mack,

  1. I was super young when this came out. But I do miss music like this, it’ll never be the same again. Is there any story about Craig Mack and a book I think he wrote exposing Diddy for “burning” all his and boy artists? Or maybe I heard jibberish lol rip Craig Mack

  2. When this song dropped @ the Tunnel, one of the hottest clubs back in the 90s…Beginning scene of Belly was filmed there as well as a ton of other hot videos the club went crazy! Just the riff alone sparked madness!! RIP Craig Mack and Biggie!!

  3. G wasn’t Craig Mack about to write a tell all book about Diddy? Im assuming that’s why he died smh can you speak on that

    1. here is my thought on that. #1 no matter what craig mack said it could never be more damning to diddy then what mark curry or whatever his name is wrote. He wrote a book called dancing with the devil about Diddy so there is nothing Craig could have said that would be more damaging then that. Hey I am always up for a good conspiracy but sometimes people just die because they die. I see no sense in Diddy sacrificing Craig Mack and on top of that you have to be close to someone to sacrifice them they were no longer in contact

      1. That’s what I thought when I heard that last night I was like… Dude probably was just sick.. it happens…

  4. I watched a video last night talking about he was a blood sacrifice…ummmm…Not sure I really buy that one though. It is sad that he passed and I hate he didn’t do the bad boy tour but I understand him sticking to his guns. Real hip hop is fading out… Smh. Side note: I am hyped about the Roxanne Shante movie though…

  5. I’m so proud and feel blessed to have been from this era because it was the greatest era…music back then fed the soul of hip hop heads. (Loll it’s funny I sound like my mama did when she talked about music from her era). Thanks G.

  6. I’m late but I thought he was a part of a religious group deemed as a cult that didn’t believe in medical care. I assumed from that he had a condition but refused to seek medical care. Either way RIP Craig Mack!

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