September 29, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Sugar Behind This Pic… Dame Dash, Natane, Andre Harrell, Aaliyah, Diddy, J-lo

  1. This kind of looks like Kanye video? Any connections you think he was trying to tell us along with the B2k and Russell?

    1. Oooh good question. I thought it was figuratively meaning there all in bed with in each as in cut from the same cloth but It could have a deeper meaning

  2. This is a high key a weird ass pic, but just knowing Aaliyah was a lady in public and a big ass freak in private makes me respect her more. Just goes to show u can still do you and not be out there like that

  3. ok so what is the deal between Jlo and diddy. Was she his beard? Did she really loved him or was simply using him to get further in her career?

    1. jlo would have stayed but diddy was bad for her career getting involved in shoot outs and shit she was afraid of going out with him

  4. Let Chris Strokes|Immature|B2K be next please! I feel like I’ve read this story multiple times already. Aaliyah got around like Tupac…ok!

  5. I always thought it was something going on with Dame, Jay, Aaliyah, Jlo, Diddy and Stacy this is good ☕️ G more 90s ☕️please

  6. I’m a huge Aaliyah fan but idk why people want her to be some goody 2 shoes. I’m glad she had some fun before her untimely murder😪. I really wish she didn’t pass i would’ve love to go to a concert of hers

  7. Deff could tell Aaliyah had fun shes a Capricorn woman, but i loved how classy and gracious she was and remained humble. She deff was going to run Hollywood.

  8. G- Did Aaliyah and Ginuwine ever hook up? I also heard att one point she was messing with one of her dancers or a dancer that she worked with. Not sure who the dancer was, but I think he was in some of her videos (this was told to me by someone deep in the industry.) Can you get into Timbaland? It was so strange to me when he started being with somebody that looked alot like Aaliyah after her death… and what was the story behind that meltdown he had some years back? also about Timbaland, from what i was told, he pretty much took all of devante swing’s sound and ran with it. Deep dive into the whole timbo, missy, aaliyah crew please!

    1. I heard Aaliyah and Ginuwine were in a whole relationship back in the day which explains the possibility of why he was in her One in a Million video.

      1. I was trying to figure out if that was just a wild rumor that came out from them doing the one in a million video or if they really were a thing. Part of me feels like they put him in the video for “appearances” to distract people from the memory of her and R. Kelly being together.

      2. Nawwwww.. they were label mates. She and Gin was in Nicole Wray’s “Make It Hot” video. Its Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Magoo, Missy, Playa, Tweet, Nicole Wray, and Timbaland.

  9. Damn G! Now I gotta her my song now. “WHEN A GOOD GIRL GOES BAD, SHE IS GONE FOREVER. ” That song have me in feelings everytime! Damn, if only she was still here with us. What the industry would have been?

  10. So is the Andre Harrell and Diddy thing true? I was getting that vibe from the book called Mogul that he and Diddy were lovers.

  11. i’m glad you said what you said about aaliyah, cause when I said what I said on the Instagram post a few become lost their damn minds. Aaliyah got around. Period

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