October 5, 2022

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48 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood The Sugar You Didn’t know about

  1. Eek snoop i am disgusted 🤮 no wonder his old ass be Cappin off they name. If Kim and kourtney experienced that I wonder why Kim is grooming north basically to give her to the elites? I’m guessing she done got a taste of the big bucks and is more okay with it now versus being a child herself and feeling uncomfortable when being pressured.

  2. That 100% about Big Pun! Man when that will was read, I was too shocked! I believe Fat Joe did give her and kids some money afterwards. Whitney is my girl! Pebbles why didn’t you run up on her like you did Chili? See, the way you and your sorry ass drug addict daughter Ashley calling yourselves want to gain up on Chili, yall forgot yall two had a lil visitor came to pay both of yall a visit. What happened Peb and Ash? Since that certain person came, we didn’t hear shit since that TLC movie and what happened to that lawsuit Perry oops I mean Pebbles? You know who to run up on and not run up on. Sit your ungrateful paranoid ass down and get your coke head pill poppin alcoholic slush non talented daughter some damn help!

      1. Clive Davis. You are not going to hear too much about it because what Clive did to TLC and damn sure about Whitney. What every Whitney wanted, she got it. Look at TLC in Whitney’s video, “I am Every Woman.” Okay den.

      2. Chile, You really want to know the backdrop on that? Let’s see if G, Heaven, or myself or all three can make it happen. Cause hunny, you might as well sign up for a diabetes class!

    1. Oooh Chile!!! I love when you come in with the extra honey for the tea!!!! Ain’t Pebbles supposed to be a preacher now or is that another scam of hers???🤔

      1. Suppose to be but at the rate I was told, she almost got helmed up by a couple of women in the church.

    2. that would be some good scoop about Clive stepping to Pebbles…. i once read that she used to be a lady of the evening up in Oakland…also qas her first husband in the group Confunkshun? I believe I read that on another board.

  3. Mathew is a stone cold trip! How you was going to stop a DeBarge having sex with Giselle? You missed a whole damn clue! Last name DeBarge….Hellloooooo???? Fool, need to take a paternity test for that one and be in ALL 4 OF FOUR IN YOUR CHILDREN LIVES! Kelly, Solangé, Nixon, and Koi! What’s wrong with this damn fool?

      1. Its not him. Go back to The Tina Knowles secret on this blog and read. And by looking at the facial and bone structures of homeboy, THAT IS GISELLE’S REAL PAPPY! IT AIN’T NO DEBARGE NOR A KNOWLES THAT’S FOR SURE!

      1. Yep, but Giselle , Solange and Tina was wrong as fuck to be made at Alexandra and Solangé’s ex best friend for sleeping with Mathew when Tina herself sleep with other dude while being with Mathew. As Mr. James say on his YouTube videos, ” You got the Aunastity to do something like that and ain’t got no room to talk!” Mind you I have talk to both baby mamas and both said that they ain’t shit for what they done towards them their half siblings. Karma is coming towards them hard and heavy.

      2. Oh trust me i see the karma coming i fewl like the elites going to make Giselle spill her real age or they probably waiting for blue to be of age to talk idk something its not going to be good

      1. @_Phoenix_rose_, Go to the menu search button and type in Tina Knowles Secret on this blog. Imma let you read it for yourself. Now when you read it, I want you to pay close attention to Giselle’s head. Look at the head shape, nose, chin and eyes.

  4. This shit was so dam juicy i love it!!! Finally got to hear about other ppl like snoop dog!!! I want To hear more about him and his rituals and also who all he has slept with. I also still want to kno the same things about Ice Cube!!!

  5. Wait….so Suge was fucking his male artists? I heard he had Devante and Jojo raped at Devante’s old mansion in Jersey. Latifah, Rage and Jada😱..sounds like a football scrimmage…I witnessed the fight with Peppa and Mary as a kid when I was with my aunt. This tea is🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. Yes, because he just had gotten out jail for doing nine years for probation violations. He got out right before Pac got killed. And peep this, while I was getting this lil bit of information from Google, how about his Mom’s maiden last name is Dikemen. Lawd have mercy!

  6. Hell, I’m surprised Chico didn’t get Giselle pregnant. One thing I can say about the DeBarge Family is they take care of theirs despite what they been thru. Now they big on family, but you don’t talk bad about them.

  7. Been figured out the Martin/Tisha stuff way back when it happened. Anybody in their right mind could see that she was trying to cover for the man that said she wasn’t his type when he first met her b/c her head was too big. So, yeah. Not shocked about her and Tichina either. They both look real strong and masculine. But Tichina’s wardrobe on the show and her hair ALWAYS looked better than Tisha. Just felt the need to say that.

    Snoop is gutter. No surprises there. And I lost all respect for him when he sat on that Angie Martinez show the other night and said some shit about Tupac and his comment about Nas, way after his passing. Fraud ass. He didn’t have to do that. And I don’t know if I believe it anyway.

    We all knew about Jamie saying some shit and then Howard subliminally telling him to watch it. Tell us WHAT he knows. THAT’S the REAL tea.

    1. I have been hearing that for years. That was his way of exerting the ultimate power over them, by emasculating them. Same like Puffy (although I think Puff is bi by nature. I think Suge is just CRUEL and psychopathic by nature)

  8. I’ve also often wondered why Chilli never had a sexual relationship with anyone ever again after dating Usher….like I think she slept with Floyd but I’m wondering if what he gave her is why she doesn’t have sex

  9. This too much. But that suge Knight shit whew. I was just listening to a podcast and they interviewed an escort that said when suge has just came home he made some dude suck him off over some business dispute. 🤮

  10. Ok that explains why snoop so bitter with the Kardashians and always tryna insert himself into anything involving them.
    Big Pun was just pure scum and so was Suge!

    I see Emily’s pattern of destructive behaviour started early! The Tisha Campbell tea makes way more sense now cause she was so quick to accept that offer to do a reboot

  11. BOYYYYYYYYY THIS IS TYPE 2 DIABETES TYPE OF SUGAR‼️‼️😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧 ALL OF IT whew chyyyyyy‼️‼️

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