July 6, 2022

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25 thoughts on “The Real Reason Giselle Does Not Like The 2 Angela’s in New York Pt 2

  1. I’m loving this back to back sugar! My only question is this: why is Gisele mad at every one EXCEPT the man who’s supposed to be faithful to her, Jay?????

    1. I’m quite sure she’s upset with him, they just handle it privately. Truth be told, cheating isn’t always a deal breaker for some couples as long as you have boundaries and respect. In their case she has every right to be upset with the women as well as her man. Wouldn’t you be upset if you knew the women your man was screwing. Let’s be honest here. Not arguing just voicing my opinion.

      1. Exactly! She needs to leave Jay or fuck Jay’s ass up. Idk for the life of me why do women always go for the outside chick instead of the man?🤔

      2. “cheating isn’t always a deal breaker for some couples as long as you have boundaries and respect.”- That sentence doesn’t make sense. There is no boundaries or respect when you cheat. Unless you are referring to couples who has a open marriage/ Swingers. Im sorry but anyone who doesn’t see cheating as a deal breaker deserves everything they get.

      3. Here to play devil’s advocate for the young lady that commented on my comment

        Let me make this make sense for you…yes there’s a thing called open marriage/relationships where two people know they want to be together but also are honest enough with themselves as well each other to know there’s a possiblity where one if not both will partake in outside relationships. Now for you and I that may seem strange but for many people its the norm. The bounderies and respect come in when you agree to ony deal with people within certain circles so there’s less possibilty for drama. Realtionships aren’t always black and white…whatever that couple agrees to be acceptable between them is their business. To the public it may be one thing, and private something else all together. This is part of the gray area of some people’s realtionships. Everyone’s idea of a relationship is different and as long as the two people agree to it, who are we to speak on it. Does that mean one person isnt gonna get hurt? Absolutely not! We can’t push our idea of how we think things should be off on others. Its not for us to understand.

      4. If the man is showing no respect of course a woman feels they don’t have to either. I didn’t make vows nor babies with you check your man.

  2. I couldn’t listen to sound cloud audio but I can only imagine.. I’m just shocked at how much she (Giselle) can go on with this charade… It’s like.. You’re a open joke to other women who know that she’s so insecure and everyone idolize but doesn’t accept she’s flawed And in same boat as the next ordinary woman…ijs

  3. I’m not so sure she’s insecure as a person she just happens to be in a relationship with a man that doesn’t value his commitment to her, and for whatever reason doesn’t have the strength to leave. Any woman in her position would probably feel the same. It’s easy to say oh she’s this and that, but let’s face it these women (some not all) are thirsty snakes and these men (some not all) are dogs. Then women wonder why men don’t respect them, and the men wonder why women don’t trust. It’s sad! Once more woman realize the power they possess, most will be better off. Men can’t cheat if women (the mistress and wife) didn’t allow it and women wouldn’t put up with it if they knew better. The last thing I want is someone else’s dirty dick man. #sorryforthelongasscomment

  4. It’s obvious Giselle doesn’t have the strength to leave this marriage. She’s in too deep and have too many years invested with this man. For someone who sings songs about empowerment and self confidents she is is contradicting what she preaches.

    She had so many chances to leave the dude when he F**ked up numerous times and still decides to stay each time. Can’t say I feel sorry for her.

    1. Sings….”it’s a BUSINESS Man…” I think they are so intertwined business wise, they’ll never split up, if they did it would take years of dealings to finish it.

  5. Giselle is gonna end up if she not already miserable , as a women I would get tired of checking bitches when its the husband that should be shutting these heffas down

  6. Angela Yee gotta be the one of the Biggest Whore’s in the Industry…This interview had to be around 2008.I only say that because They were talking that new track Shawn Carter had called “Jocking Jay Z” which I always hated that trash ass song.But Shawn Carter was really into talking to Angela Yee Slut ass…I can see why The Illuminati Queen Beyoncé would be upset lol…They flirted and Angela Yee was basically trying to snitch on him about they pass

  7. I have not one ounce of sympathy for Giselle. She is just plain dumb and stupid and I can’t think of any other ways to say so. Jay had a chance to leave and she had plenty of chances to leave. Why didn’t they seize the opportunity? Oh because they were focused on the image/notoriety they were trying to obtained by being together. Their coupling were not meant to be and was forced. Maybe in Giselle’s brain it was happily in love but Jay ain’t never loved/or is in love with home girl at all. His actions before & After marriage has proved so and she is too stupid to realize. At this point, it is just a comfortable relationship based on image. If you ask me, these 2 greedy losers deserves to rot together.

  8. The amount of cheating and industry humiliation Giselle had put up with over the years is beyond me. My husband HAS TO get stabbed for saying some wild shit like that to someone after I just miscarried.

  9. How is Angela comment disrespectful? Jay said he want to give her a baby? Nah he disrespectful & disrespected ms Bougee. The only person who owe her respect is the man SHE chose to lay down with.

  10. Who has this man not slept with??!! Can beyonce not upgrade herself and leave him. She could take it all from him including his street cred if you really think about it. She could leave him with nothing not even self respect…

  11. Maybe there is no love here…. its really just business. What happened to the bodyguard? Jay was cheating and she was prob too…

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