September 26, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 8/20/19

  1. jordan blew up after all that but lisa got info on all they ass so i don’t think kardashian’s want that smoke…

    remy just tryna do what’s right she know what she did and what happening and plus joe an ass

  2. Even if Larsa is hooking up with Ben Simmons, the Kardashian’s aren’t going to care. There is one reason & one reason only they are making a big deal out of Jordyn when Tristan has been seen with every other woman but Khloe the entire time they were together

    I’m so grateful and thankful Brit finally is getting some justice. It’s a shame it took the fans banding together on SM for this to reach national headlines & grant Britney finally a fair trial when her own family. Celeb friends & paid boyfriends saw what was happening. Including all of her leeching exes.

    I just feel bad for her that there literally hasnt been anyone whose truly given a damn about Britney just the ways they can use her or make money off of her & it’s sad. I just want her to retire to Louisiana & raise her boys & KIM

    I always got the vibe Remy Ma was paid off to fast track NM out of the industry to bring in Cardi or whomever. With the buzz & popularity Shether was getting I thought for sure that would spearhead a comeback for Remy only for her to fade back into obscurity & now is apart of this show. I think the biggest interview was her booking Wendy Williams & then it was crickets after that

    I’m not into Taylor Swift or any of her music but she’s another one that will remain relevant even in her twilight years bc her fans ride so hard for her

  3. Good for remy and Nicki to sit down because she started the BS for Nicki with that diss with false info. Of course remy ain’t gonna keep up the charade because she took the bait and got played so she mad at the elites too.

    I’m sick of seeing Jordyn. The community finally comes together to keep someone afloat, and it’s the token black girl that they feel will stick it to the Kardashian’s. The same black girl that didn’t even claim black until it benefited her. Mad annoying if she was anyone else they would’ve let her wave die.

  4. I would love to see Remy and Nicki have a conversation. Side note does anyone know what’s up with August Alsina he ain’t been active in almost a month and I’m low key concerned 😧

  5. Larissa really embarrasses herself 😂😐
    Britney Jean 🥺 I feel so bad for her I would love to see her dad go to jail but I don’t think she’ll ever be totally free as well. The elites wouldn’t dare let their poster child that they abused her whole life get away like that. If she follows their rules she’ll live longer 🤭

  6. Crazy how Larsa was the one quick to run tell about Jordan (not that it’s right, even though that’s what the K’s been doing) but look now look at her. It’s always the ones trying to act too loyal or ready to gossip just doing what they know best.
    Did anyone else ever see on YouTube back in the day Remy and Nicki use to have a thing before the fame?
    And Again poor Britney.

  7. Larsa first of all don’t bow down to those whores. And stay out the night club hanging with twenty-something athletes and rappers. It’s abad look. Get an older tycoon and sit your ugly, plastic, carved-up ass down.

  8. I feel like Remy was being fake so it looks like she is unbiased so she can do journalism. I think she is jealous especially seeing that nicki is now entering the same field of radio now. I didn’t buy that act one bit

  9. Maybe it’s my circle of ppl and who I associate with but NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I MET A TAYLOR SWIFT FAN 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️😂😂 I barely even hear her music on the radio lol

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