October 3, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 8/6/2020

  1. Will metoo finally hit Rap & R&B? Those have been the most protected in all this

    Tim & Swizz have been unprofessional ever since this versus thing started. Insulting Janet, suggesting blasphemous battles like Usher vs JT, trying to goat other celebs on IG live to be shady to their peers when it’s completely unnecessary. The only challenger Usher currently has is behind bars

    Swizz runs his mouth too much & is messy. The bigger names would never do a versus & the contingency of that deal is if Swizz/Tim can produce strong, legitimate battles ppl would watch

    Quite frankly it’s insulting to Drake to even suggest this & even w/all Kanye’s issues, his earlier discography is no skip material so he doesn’t need this either

    The battle needs to be 50 vs Ja Rule but 50 is only a social media talker so what do you expect?

    1. Usher can actually verzuz Chris Brown. Usher would lose against Kellz, if that could have even been an option.

    1. I agree all he does is eat off others and if that’s not true it’s just something about him that don’t sit right.

  2. Swizz should know better. You just insulted that man and now you asking him to be on your show. Swizz have several seats.

    That Meg and Cardi song was ALOT. Sad part is before the meaning of the title(WAP) dropped I knew the “A” stood for azz and the “P” for puzzy. Yep it was very predictable 🤷. But I am sure their fans will eat it up and stream it. And that video was full symbolism 🤦.

  3. Drake is a Scorpio so he doesn’t forgive easily and definitely doesn’t forget.
    I’ve heard several stories about Detail being a pedopile and rapist. I pray they put him under the jail.
    Am I the only one not that excited about Cardi and Meg doing a song together?

  4. The visuals are better than the song. I just think they’re going to need a lot of “ help” with streaks because the song ain’t it. But it’s nice to see a good video again

  5. Ion blame drake for not being interested…. LIKE AT ALL! 🖕🏾 that versus you need me ion need you?would be my attitude!

  6. I was very underwhelmed by the song. I liked the video i give them that. But the MUSIC didn’t wow me. And megan came hard on her song even though im not feeling her much these days.

  7. So this is the future in music videos!? Sex, satan, snakes etc. I worry for my future daughter. That shit was disturbing. I’m still waiting to see the feet & gun shot wounds or whatever sibce she made a sympathy video. I was rooting for her really, but she comes off as fake & so so phony.

    1. I agree with you. I never liked Meg it was always something about her & her music has ALWAYS been just mediocre for me. My daughter had the nerve to put Megan radio on my pandora and I kindly deleted it😒

      1. I thought he used to be in the industry like G & heav. But not sure what he did. He knows a lot about a lot of celebs old sugar like G calls it. I found him one day on there & followed him. He never revealed himself though at least I think he didn’t. He always plays around & posts someone else pic and says it’s him. He likes to keep his identity hidden.

  8. I just checked out the video I love the video looks like a lot of money and effort went into the video.. the song is alright but Cardi and Meg both look really good in the video

    1. I am curious to who he/she is. (S)he has an ig with A LOT of celebrity tea and celebrities follow him, but everyone is mum on his identity. He has a weird obsession with Marvin Gaye but idk. Check his ig out a lot of interesting info, but who is he??

      1. He’s kinda annoying. His favorite phrase is “you must be new here,” or “go back in my posts.” Like he doesn’t have 1000 posts 🙄Plus he worships Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

      2. That is hilarious!! I know he’s a Sag I Dm him with some questions he knows a lot and most of the people following be celebrities so I be suspect to the shit he says. Lol
        He loves Marvin and hates Snoop

    1. Why did they start a petition to remove her from the video for Betty white. I am screamin 😂😂😂 they really hate this girl.

  9. Visual was good but that song is pure trash and meg seems fake something about her ain’t right and the shooting thing just seems off. Meg music ain’t all that anyways, rapping bout the same thing.

  10. I LOVE THE SONG!! Yall some hating ass bitches. Yall acting like Nicki is the only female who can rap. Leave these girls let them strive!!

  11. Kanye is too unstable. Instead focus on him shutting and telling him to withdraw his bid for presidency.

    Detail looks like scum. Whatever he’s accused of, he did it.

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